How Do You Get Lots Of Facebook Page Likes?

On September 18, 2011, in Facebook, by Rowan
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How do you get lots of Facebook page likes? Well, you could use Facebook Ads, you could get natural visitors from being on the first page of a Google search, or you could buy Facebook page likes, which helps your ranking on Google and in a Facebook search.

There are many other ways to get traffic to a Facebook page, but if you don’t want to continuously be paying for traffic, you should learn how to get on the first page of Google.

You will want to do a bit of keyword research, perhaps by using the Google Adwords keyword tool, and checking the exact match search volume for different phrases in your niche.

Then, use an SEO tool like SEO Quake, to check the page rank, and amount of back links leading to the first page results on Google for that phrase.

Facebook has a high page rank, but to compete on Google, you will need to have a lot of quality links and text that are relevant to your title, but don’t stuff too many keywords in, try to keep your main keywords as around 3% of the text.

Write a really long info page description, put keyword relevant text in the descriptions of your photos, make an app with a custom iFrame of your site, or any page you want, so long as you host it on your server.

Make a ton of back links from article directories, forums, blog comments, social bookmarking sites, blog posts, and perhaps from relevant pages on Facebook.

Once you have done this important SEO work, it’s time to get Facebook page likes.

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How to Get Facebook Page Likes

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have a great service where you can buy Facebook page likes for about five cents each or less.

For ten dollars, you can get over two hundred real people to like your Facebook page, which helps you in a Facebook search, it helps you with SEO, it means you can message those people, and it means that they see all of your posts on your page’s wall in their news feed.

We get these likes from many different sources, like Fiverr, and other micro job sites. It’s very effective, it looks good, and rather than looking for the particular sites and gigs that work the best for getting Facebook page likes, you may as well get us to outsource them for you, and save you the time of finding a reliable likes dealer.

How do you get lots of Facebook page likes cheaply? You buy them right here, on Professional Social Promotion.

We can get you cheap Facebook page likes easily.


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