How Do You Create A Fan Page On Facebook?

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How do you create a fan page on Facebook? It’s easy, or relatively easy, if you know a bit about source code.

Firstly, you can make a free custom fan page using something like Pagemodo, Wix, or Reverb Nation for music, but it has an ad for their site on the page, (which looks kind of nasty), and to get it removed, or to get more options, or to make more than one page, you have to pay a monthly fee which just isn’t worth it.

Here’s how you create a fan page on Facebook using HTML. Simply search for this app on Facebook: Static HTML: iFrame Tabs and install that on your page.

This gives you the option of putting source code for anything directly on your welcome page, and you even get to choose a secondary page, that people only see once they’ve clicked on the like button.

How to create a fan page on Facebook.

How To Create A Fan Page On Facebook Using HTML

If you are a complete beginner, then it’s probably not worth you reading the rest of this post, as you will probably mess it up, but you can hire me to make a Facebook welcome page for you, just send me a message at [email protected] to discuss what you want on your fan page.

It starts at only fifty dollars, and that’s for a basic construction of a nice looking page out of various You Tube embed codes, photo URLs, Pay Pal button codes, and opt-in form codes.

I can do most things for that price, but I may also have to give you advice on how to find the photo URL, and how to get a Pay Pal button made up, and what the strategy should be, and all of that.

Anyway, getting back to the question at hand, which is: how do you create a fan page on Facebook?

Creating a Facebook Welcome Page Using HTML

Let’s start with the basic source code tags, that you will want to type out in an HTML editor like Aptana. That’s a great free piece of software, so make sure you download it, even if you get a better one later.

You will want the <HTML> tag on the first line, then maybe <HEAD> on the second, (if you want a header).

Then a <TITLE>How Do You Create A Fan Page On Facebook?</TITLE> on the third line, although you don’t actually need that.

I’ve just heard that it’s good to have all the usual HTML of a regular page, as some browsers like Internet Explorer don’t show pages unless they have certain things in the source code.

Close the header with a </HEAD> tag, and then start the body with a <BODY> tag.

On the next line, you might decide you want a You Tube video, or a photo, but you have to bear in mind that it should be no wider than 510 pixels, or it won’t fit into the iFrame properly.

If you want a You Tube video, get the embed code, and edit it so it’s 510 pixels wide. This fits nicely into the dimensions of the iFrame.

Now, you may want a photo of the same width. First, make sure your photo is uploaded to your server, or at least a server.

Then you get the URL of the photo. If you don’t know how to find that, try clicking on it and then clicking again until you reach the photo’s address, or right click on it, and select copy image location, or if you just uploaded it to your WordPress media files, then you should be able to work out how to find the photo URL.

The code for a photo looks like this: <img src=”” width=”510 height=”350″/>.

If you want to move it around, try using the &nbsp: code, which acts like pressing the space bar.

If you want to make it a link, then use this code: <a href=””><img src=”” width=”510″ height=”350″/></a>

I won’t go on anymore with the source code, but you copy that directly into the app, and then change the settings so that first-time visitors will see that when they arrive at your fan page, and there you have it.

How do you create a fan page on Facebook? You either learn how to write in HTML, or you hire someone like me to do it for you. I can put almost anything you want on the page, even make a mini-site within the iFrame. Just send me a message at [email protected] to discuss.


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