How do I Make More Money Online?

On September 7, 2011, in Online, by Rowan
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How do I make more money online? That’s a good question, and it may not have been your question, it’s more of a rhetorical question, unless you typed in that exact phrase into Google.

I generally get most of my traffic from Twitter, so you may not be asking the question, you’re just interested in the answer.

Do I have an answer? Well, maybe. I’ve made over ten thousand bucks since I first started trying to make money online two years ago, and I’ve only just recently started my own site, hosted on my own domain.

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What this post is about, is ways to make money online without having your own website, which is what I have been doing until a few months ago.

How do I make more money online?







Ways to Make Money Online For Free

I’m going to start with what I think is the easiest way for a person with some experience in writing and SEO to make money online which is Factoidz.

It’s a pretty simple formula, you write an article over 400 words, and you get an activity bonus, starting at maybe 50 cents, but as you write more, you get up to three dollars an article or more.

Not only do you get the activity bonus, but an ongoing residual income from views. The site has good SEO, even since the Panda algorithm update on Google, and writing your own articles is just the beginning.

You can write a product review, a product comparison, or join the contextual back links program, and make around ten dollars an hour doing these things, paid upfront.

Now you may not think ten bucks an hour is a lot of money, but the title of this post is not how do I make a million dollars, it’s how do I make more money online.

The second highest earner I’ve personally found online is Fiverr. I have gigs like: I will share your site with my Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon followers for $5, and that brings me in about four bucks a day, although the more I promote it, the more gigs I get.

I tweet it regularly to my thousands of Twitter followers, and it also gets found on the Fiverr search, as it’s had a lot of positive reviews. It only takes me ten minutes to do that gig, so it’s effectively twenty four bucks an hour, if I had that many gigs to do.

So, that basically brings me to the end of the post, as after having my own site for three months, and only making three sales, I’ve made a lot more over the same amount of time on these two sites, and really, it was only because I was doing so well on Fiverr that I decided to make Professional Social Promotion.

How do I make more money online? Well personally, I’m going to get more Twitter followers, and tweet my Fiverr gigs, as well as the pages of this site, and I might write some more on Factoidz.

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