Social Media Marketing ArticlesHelpful Articles About Internet Marketing
These articles are about every aspect of building a successful website from start to finish including SEO, traffic building, social media marketing, paid advertising, etc.

I update these pages as I learn new things, and so they should contain the best and most relevant information on the site. A comprehensive blueprint of how I get customers online, for myself, and my clients.

I used to offer an e-book, in exchange for a sign up to my list, but I found I couldn’t be bothered maintaining a list as well as my huge list of social connections, so this is my e-book, and it’s constantly being updated as I learn more.

I will be discussing many different aspects of social media marketing and promotion, article writing, SEO, and all forms of traffic building, even website design.

All of these things should help the average person get their business together, and promote it effectively via every method and technique available.

I advise that you read these articles to give you some insight as to what I do, and what I know. Then, get in touch with me personally to discuss how I can help you with the huge amounts of work involved in doing all of these things properly.

My Social Media Marketing And Internet Marketing Qualifications

I heard an internet marketing expert say once, “I am only a real expert, because I know a little about everything”, and that’s what these articles are designed to teach you.

I don’t have a degree in computer science or social media marketing, and all of the information in these articles are based on my experience of working online over the last four or more years, which has been trial and error, along with proper research.

I will start at the beginning, (hopefully), and guide you through every step of building a website, and making it successful.

This kind of internet marketing training sometimes costs a fortune, but then again, it’s all out there somewhere for free, if you know what you’re looking for.

As I said, I wrote a free e-book, which explains quite a lot of stuff about how to build a good website and make it successful, but since I wrote that, I’ve learned enough to throw that one in the trash, and I update these articles to share that new knowledge, along with my new blog posts.

I mostly concentrate on blog posts these days, but they can be about many different things, so I put all the most useful information which covers all the important stuff, on these article pages.

You can also just send me a message to talk about the best way to handle a social media marketing campaign for your particular product, or to talk about some help with basic SEO, like a guest post, or article, getting you followers, likes, or whatever. My email is in the sidebar.


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