Setting Up An Advertising Campaign


There is a lot that goes into a successful advertising campaign, and there are different rates of competition for different keywords, (on Google Adwords), targeting, ad types, and countries.

Facebook Ads is a different story again, and you don’t target keywords, but you can target interests, age, gender, and even religion.

Some companies charge hundreds, or even thousands to manage an advertising campaign, and it still may not turn a profit, depending on what the landing page is like, what the product is, and how well they know their stuff.

The service I’m providing (for ten dollars, or whatever we work out), is coaching on what you need to do, as I know how to get reasonably cheap clicks on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, StumbleUpon Ads or other sites, by choosing the right options, and doing a fair bit of work.

It is hard to get right, and knowing how to do a few different things can possibly mean the difference between a return on investment, or not. The difference between a successful advertising campaign and a failure.

Setting up an Advertising Campaign

I will walk you through choosing the right type of ads, targeting the right keywords, choosing the right countries and targeting options, (Facebook Ads, StumbleUpon Ads, etc), doing split testing, getting a good quality score, setting up conversion tracking, etc, until you understand fairly well what you need to do to get cheap clicks, perhaps as low as five cents a click, or you should at least be able to get them for fifty cents each, and have a good conversion rate.

Bare in mind, most people pay around one dollar a click, or a lot more for other keywords, because they don’t know how to use all the options on Google Adwords correctly, and they don’t know about the different advertising options that work just as well, or better.

I can set up the whole campaign for you, especially with a Facebook Ads campaign, because you just have to make me an admin of the page, and I can run it like it was one of my pages.

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss setting up an advertising campaign, and to discuss all of the services on Professional Social Promotion.

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