If you want to submit a guest post to be published on Professional Social Promotion related to social media marketing, internet marketing, or SEO at a stretch, here are the guidelines.Social Media Marketing Guest Posts

For a start, it has to be well written, and be an original article, that has not been published anywhere else, or will be published anywhere else, ever.

It has to be over 400 words, preferably close to 500 or 600 words if possible, and it should be broken up into at least two sections by sub-headings that make sense.

It should not be packed full of keywords, as this is a big negative for SEO, for my site, and yours. The words should flow naturally, and it should be entertaining for the reader, enough that they keep reading until the end.

I don’t want to publish pages that result in a high bounce rate, I don’t want to publish ads for sites, so an article has to be about the topic, not the product, although you can mention the site you’re promoting, and what it’s about, so long as it’s not overly commercial.

The last requirement for these social media marketing guest posts is that you tell me what back link methods you are going to use on the pages, as I will object to you using any sort of automation, or low quality back links of any kind, as it risks hurting my rankings, as well as yours.

You can make back links to it from well written articles on high authority sites such as Ezine, HubPages, eHow, Squidoo, Info Barrel, Knoji, Yahoo Voices etc, but I don’t want 10,000 irrelevant blog comments turning up pointing at my site.

Social Media Marketing Guest Post Submission

It’s probably a good idea to get in contact with me first, and talk about what you might be writing the article about, and what site you want to link to, so I can let you know if it sounds promising.

I have to be fairly picky about what articles I allow on my site, as I don’t want it to turn into a link farm, or anything like that, but I need fresh content to maintain the rankings of the site.

You can send me the text in HTML via email in plain text, and I prefer that to a word doc file, although either is acceptable, so long as I can copy and paste it into the post.

I can add a photo for you, that I think will fit, or you can send me a photo attachment in the email.

I allow one self-serving link in the guest post, although you can include a second link to a high authority, high page rank site such as Wikipedia, as that can be beneficial for rankings.

If you have any questions about writing a guest post on my site related to social marketing, or general internet marketing, to get a back link to your site, send me a message, my email address is in the sidebar.


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