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How do you add people to your Google Plus circles, and how do you get them to add you back? That’s the question I will be attempting to answer in this post.

I’m from Australia, and so I was a little late in joining the party on the site, as it was in the testing phase for a little while, and was only open to people outside America if they had an invite.

Still, I’ve read a lot of posts by people who are having a lot of success with using Google Plus circles to get traffic to their site, and I can share what I’ve learned with you here.

You may only be interested in using the site for social networking with your friends and family, but this information is still going to be helpful.

Why not add me to your circles on Google Plus?



Adding People To Your Circles On Google Plus

You are given a few default options for your circles on Google Plus, which are friends, family, acquaintances and following, but you can make any number of different circles to add people to, and they can’t see what category you put them in.

The benefit of this is obvious, you can check out what is happening in different circles to see what your friends are doing, and then switch to your family circles, and then to your internet marketing circles, celebrities, or whatever you’re interested in.

Facebook have decided to add a similar option on their site, where when you add a new friend you can decide if they are an acquaintance or not, but in my opinion, it just doesn’t stack up.

I have been on Google Plus for about a week so far, and I am getting more traffic than I am from Facebook, even though I’ve been there for over two years. As an internet marketer, I would have to say it probably has the most potential of any of the big social networking sites, even coming close to the potential of Twitter, (my largest source of traffic), for internet marketing.

There is a limit to the amount of people you can have in your circles of 5,000, but no limit to the amount of people that can have you in circles, and you can un-circle people in bulk.

So if you add a little social widget to your site, (like the one in the sidebar), you can get a lot of people to add you, and then you should probably add them back, like you would on Twitter.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of people you can add to Google Plus circles in one day, or if there is, it’s probably higher than the limit on Twitter. The potential of this site is massive, as in a few months, there are already over fifty million users on the site.

To put that in perspective, that’s about a hundred times the amount of users that Facebook and Twitter had combined after the same amount of time after launch.

Sure, that growth will probably start to die off, but I predict there will be a permanent switch in focus of the internet marketing crowd to Google Plus, as it seems to provide results quicker than any other method of traffic building, rivaling the Google search engine itself, if you put in the effort.

Add me to your Google Plus circles, (Rowan Casey), and I’ll add you back, and also check out my service Buy Google Plus Connections, and I’ll get 200 people to add your profile or page to their circles for ten dollars.

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