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On January 14, 2012, in SEO, by Rowan
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While it is a fairly new site, it’s fairly obvious to everyone in the internet marketing industry that there is going to be a huge connection between Google Plus and SEO.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get why. Google is the biggest search engine, and they own Google Plus, the fastest growing social networking site.

Google have been saying for years that social signals play a big role in search results, and that is only going to continue to become a larger factor in rankings in the future.

My thoughts on Google Plus when it first came out, was that it would have a guaranteed number of users: people who make websites, but I now see that it’s also people that just use Google to search who will want to have an account.

Google just recently announced a social search feature that will be launched soon to Google Plus users in the US called Search Plus Your World.

Personally, I won’t be using this at all to do searches, in fact I usually only do Google searches when not logged into my Google account, but for those people who add people to their circles on Google Plus because they want to see search results from them, well you get the idea.


Google Plus And SEO




SEO And Google Plus

How do you use Google Plus to get a good SEO result? I did a search on social media marketing services, to see where my site was in those results.

The first thing of mine that I saw was my personal Google Plus profile: Rowan Casey.

The reason it came up in the search was that I had mentioned that phrase on my info page, or in recent posts that I had done.

The other reason obviously being that I had a couple of thousand followers on Google Plus.

I can get you Google Plus connections to your personal profile, or your page quite easily. I sell two hundred for ten dollars, and it might take me a week or two to get them.

As I said, the connection between Google Plus and SEO, and all social signals and SEO is obvious, which I can definitely help you with, and I provide traditional SEO services as well, but it’s all the one thing. Send me a message at [email protected] to discuss your site.


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