Google Plus Account Suspended

On August 23, 2012, in Google Plus, by Rowan
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So I got my Google Plus account suspended, for no reason that I can work out. Everyone who uses the site uses it for internet marketing.

It is the internet marketing social media site, whether they want it to be, or not. It’s a place for bloggers, site owners, video makers, marketers, etc.Google Plus Account Suspended

It is not a place for socializing, or the first huge wave of millions of people were not thinking it was a better place to talk to their family and friends than Facebook.

It was internet marketers who were on that wave, people who have a reason to join yet another social media site after Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and all of those other obsolete social media sites like MySpace.

Google Plus Will Suspend Your Account

The problem with this new and growing site is the terms and conditions. They can and will suspend your account for any reason, and they don’t even have to give you a reason.

The customer service is non-existent, it doesn’t matter if you worked on it for years, it doesn’t matter if you have friends and family and contacts, thousands of friends, followers, pages, groups, hangouts, whatever.

They don’t care, and will suspend your account in a second. I have never had a Facebook account suspended, and I briefly had a few Twitter accounts suspended, but they gave them back to me, after a bit of complaining.

Google Plus is the riskiest attempt at trying to market through social media that I can think of, only due to the fact that they have a policy that can throw people out for “hate speech” and things like that.

They have a list of sites which you can’t post. Those being anything related to the sale of alcohol, firearms, tobacco, gambling, and anything that “mimics” the effect of legal or illegal drugs.

You can’t post anything seen as being pornographic, basically anything that’s any fun at all. You post it, they suspend you, that’s it, no comeback, just gone.

This is the reason why I would not recommend anyone at all ever using the site for any reason.

Google Plus account suspended? One of millions to come, and you know why now, it’s a useless, hypocritical, impossible site to be a part of, where nobody can have any fun ever, or even talk about having fun, try to promote their site, or bang you’re gone, Google Plus account suspended.

I got another Google Plus account, which isn’t suspended, but I’m hesitant to even post this blog post on it, in fact, I definitely won’t.

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