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You can get a large list of responsive Twitter followers right here by clicking on the Pay Pal button, and sending me your Twitter details, like your username and password.

While that amazing video there says 1,000 for ten dollars, the price has gone up to thirty five for a thousand followers, and I haven’t gotten around to making a better video.

I can also do it without admin access, but not quite as well. I get better results from following people as well as just having them follow you, as this is required on the highest quality social swapping sites, unless you want me to buy points for you, which is more expensive.

So to explain again, I prefer to use the largest (and most reliable) Twitter swapping site which requires your password to log in via Twitter, but I also know of another large site that I can use to get followers without admin access, and without you having to follow anyone.

I use Tweepi for un-following those not following back that you have been following for the longest amount of time and make sure to stick within daily limits.

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of having thousands of Twitter followers yet, you will be amazed at how much traffic you can get, so long as you tweet a lot, and tweet things ordinary people might be interested in.

How Do You Buy Twitter Followers?

It’s pretty simple, you have to pay at least ten dollars through the PayPal buttons above, and send me a message at [email protected] with your log-in information, your username and password.

You may wish to change the password before you give it to me, and change it back afterwards, but I’m not going to be tweeting on your account, as I have tens of thousands of followers of my own.

You can expect to get two hundred and fifty Twitter followers within a week at the most, and a thousand in less than a month, but the more you pay, the faster I can make it go.

The benefit of having your own Twitter followers on your own account is that you can tweet anything to them, for as long as they are following you. This especially works well if you are constantly writing new blog posts.

Some celebrities with millions of followers charge businesses thousands of dollars for a single tweet, and I can pretty much guarantee you will make a return on investment over time from this service if you try.

I can get you a large amount, like I have 30,000 on my largest account, and you will probably need at least 10,000 to make it worth your while tweeting to them, as random followers are not as responsive as targeted followers, but you can get them much quicker and easier.

I can’t do it for any cheaper than three or four cents each, and it may be that the larger the order is, the more I have to charge to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

The ideal amount to pay is five hundred dollars at a time, which will get you the best value points package on the best site, minus a small commission for myself.

You can pay any amount to my Pay Pal email address, or ask me to send you a money request, or you can use the buttons above, but first contact me through the site email address, [email protected] to get a quote.

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