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Getting Facebook page likes improves your ranking in a Facebook search, as well as a Google search.I have plenty of Facebook pages on the first page of a Google search, (and a Facebook search), for some pretty competitive keywords, and I’m constantly getting messages that somebody new has given them a like.

If you want to learn more about how I rank Facebook pages on Google, take a moment to watch this video on Facebook SEO.

The video explains how you should try to go after a search, and then use likes along with standard SEO techniques to get your page in a Google search, but getting ranked highly in a Facebook search is even easier.

By using iFrame, and adding an app page to your fan page, you can have people look at your entire site, or navigate through any specific pages you upload to your site, without ever leaving Facebook.

You can also use free page builders like Pagemodo, and free apps like Just Redirect to construct a custom Facebook page that captures people’s interest.

Here’s a page which explains how to make a custom Facebook page using iFrame, which looks more professional, and gets you better rankings in Google. Once you have everything you want on your Facebook page, you need to get real people to like your page.

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These Facebook page likes are obtained by a real person liking your page in exchange for a like on their own page, and the vast majority of likes are going to be people who look at their news feed, where they will see your updates.

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Some people ask me if the most important factor for ranking a Facebook page is the amount of likes, well it is in Facebook.








Do Facebook Page Likes Automatically Rank You?

That’s not the only factor in ranking a page in Google obviously, it has to have the right percentage of keywords, lots of good quality content like photos, and a good number of quality back links leading to it from a variety of different relevant pages.

You do have to learn a bit of SEO, (or ask me to do it for you), but similar to how You Tube videos get a high ranking by the amount of views they have, a Facebook page will get a good ranking if it has a lot of likes, provided it doesn’t have a large amount of competition on Google.

Not only that, but it also helps the ranking of the pages it links out to, like your actual site. A Facebook page like mine that is PR 6 with thousands of likes counts as a very strong back link in the eyes of Google for this site.

It’s only ten dollars to buy over two hundred and fifty Facebook likes today, and have your page put in front of thousands of people.

Even if you’re not trying to rank in a search, anyone who sees your page will be more impressed if it has a lot of likes already.

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