Freelance Presenter Cites Values of Emceeing That Apply to Technical Writing

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Technical WritingSpeaking to a crowd and writing may appear to be two very different activities, but in reality, the values of one skill always spill to the other (and vice-versa).

An in-demand freelance presenter states that the values he upholds in emceeing actually make him the effective technical writer he is, and that a lot of his clients rely on him for both tasks.

In the list below, he cites the most important values of a freelance presenter that he also applies to his job as a technical writer clients regularly turn to in promoting their business.

• Value of adequate preparation – As an emcee, adequate preparation is always required to ensure the smooth flow of a program. It’s imperative that there is as little babble as possible to stay true to the objective of the event and to be consistently relevant. Adequate preparation includes research, outlining of topics, and understanding the interests and preferences of the consumers of content so that the right terminologies are used to ensure proper comprehension and engagement.
• Commitment to bringing value to everyone receiving the information – The Dubai presenter says it’s important to be helpful and useful. When you speak, you want to enlighten your listeners. It’s the same thing with your readers; when you present them written content, you want their understanding and knowledge to increase. Therefore, your focus is on how to bring the best value with your output.
• Value of organisation – The best way to ensure the seamless flow of things is to have everything thoroughly organised. This way, information is easier to consume, and readers and listeners can retain the information you present so much better. Likewise, you’ll be able to maintain the focus of your work and free it from superfluous items.
• Value of wit – Everybody will agree that the best speakers or presenters are the humorous ones. They keep everybody’s spirits up and alert. Wit or humour has the same effect on content; injecting humour into content has the power to increase the engagement of readers, and at the same time, it makes the piece even more relatable and useful. Oftentimes, technical writing can be too dry and straightforward; therefore, it takes people a much longer time to fully absorb the essence of the message being shared. By adding the “joy” element and infusing personality into your work, the overall experience is enhanced — the written content automatically becomes a delight to consume.

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