I will be using this page to give away free e-books related to website promotion, SEO, traffic building, and all of those types of things. I have just learned how to make my own e-books, and make a link on my site, (or in an email), where you can download them.

You can get these ones now without signing up to the list, the first one is just a random e-book I got that gave me redistribution rights, and the second one is my first e-book, which goes over all of the free traffic building methods I know.

I’m still new to writing e-books, in fact I’m still new to building WordPress websites, and all the things that entails, but if you sign up to my auto-responder on the right there, I’ll tell you everything I’m learning, and everything I know, by sending you out free e-books, and helpful emails.

12 Ways to Promote Your Site

This one is not mine, but I have redistribution rights, it just gives you 12 ways to promote your site online, and offline.

Free Traffic Building Methods

This one is my first e-book, perhaps a little hastily written, but it is a train-of-thought for six pages that tells you everything I know about building a website with good SEO, and promoting it for free. I talk a little about auto-responders, making back links, social promotion, and all of these sorts of things. You can distribute it for free yourself if you want, so long as it remains unchanged.

In my next e-book, I will be teaching you exactly how to build a list by giving away a free e-book, how to upload the file to your server, how to make the download link, how to make a squeeze page or website with an auto-responder, and how to get more traffic to your page through cheap paid advertising.

A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding Online

So here it is, my second e-book, this one looks a little more professional, as it has a cover page, and contents, although I’ve since learned that the definition of an e-book is it has to be 20 pages or more, so this 9 page book is actually classified as a report. Nevertheless, it has a lot more great information about making a successful website, building a list, offering value, establishing trust, and selling to the list. It also tells you how to write an e-book and make the download link.

Top SEO Secrets

This is another e-book that I have redistribution and re-sale rights for. I’m not selling it here, just giving it away, and you don’t even have to sign up to the list, just click on the link. However, this is just one in a series of free giveaways that you may miss out on if you don’t sign up to the newsletter. I offer great value to my subscribers.

I am still learning all of these things myself, but if you are learning how to build sites, and website promotion too, then let’s learn together. Do sign up to the newsletter for lots of free e-books, and helpful information.


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