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Magic Bullet In Internet MarketingI’ve been trying to make money online ever since I got the internet put on, about five years ago. I’ve been working pretty much full time every day, or at least part time, because I don’t work full time in an offline job.

I have learned a lot of things about how the internet works, found out there was some truth to the claims you see about a “magic bullet” push-button system that can make you a millionaire from working a few hours a day, but not much.

The truth is, those claims that you can get rich quick, or without a lot of hard work are 99.9% BS, or it has been since the early days of the internet, a golden age for internet marketers, before all the competition came in from all around the world.

These days, there are almost as many people trying to sell you something online as there are people buying things.

It is still possible to rise above the pack and make large sums of money, but to do that, you have to be extremely skilled, or put in a huge amount of work, to compete with the best in the business.

I’ve heard most of the ideas that claim to be able to make you rich quick, and they are based on some truth, but there are many problems which prevent you from making a huge amount of money.

Here are some of the ideas explained, the pros and cons of the most well known systems.

Building An Email List

This isn’t a bad idea, it’s one of the main things I hear internet marketers talking about on the Warrior Forum.

Some of the people who have been building a list for years are millionaires, but what they don’t say is that they got most of their cheap subscribers back when it was easy to buy cheap traffic.

There was a time five to ten years ago when you could get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, when you could buy solo ads to existing email lists of a hundred thousand people for less than a hundred dollars.

There was a time when people weren’t quite so cautious and skeptical of every email they receive and every claim made by an internet marketer.

You can work out if one of these ideas will work, based on the price of the ad click, the conversion rate of the site, and the conversion rate of the list over a period of time, like a month.

I’ve personally never figured out a way to profit from paid advertising, the competition is much too high for anything you try to sell. The skill required to make sales to a list is too complicated, and I gave up on the idea of building a list altogether myself.

I concentrate on social media followers, because there is something slightly more friendly about seeing a post on Facebook, or a tweet, especially if it’s a informative blog post, and not an email with nothing but a Clickbank affiliate link.

My friend managed to build a list of 1,000 people targeted to internet marketing, then realised how much work he had to do finding new quality offers and affiliate links to send out to them without losing trust and having people un-subscribe.

Most of the time, an email list turns into nothing but worthless spam, and being signed up to many email lists, I find 99% of them to be garbage, and end up un-subscribing to almost all of them. That being said, if done right, it’s the most efficient way to capture traffic to your site.

Network Marketing And Affiliate Marketing

I personally haven’t tried being a network marketer online, although I did once sign up to one of those pyramid schemes offline.

It was a company who claimed that you could change your entire life by getting your friends and family to sign up to their phone service.

Problem was, nobody wanted to sign up, because the prices weren’t even any better. There’s something really annoying about network marketers, the whole Amway type of thing.

Sure, it makes sense, and people who get in early and stick at it for years and know what they’re doing do make a lot of money, but for those who get in late and don’t know how it works, it’s a waste of time, that may also lose you a lot of money, if you have to pay to join.

Also beware of any scheme that tells you you can make thousands a day from affiliate marketing just by following their formula.

People will lie and falsify screenshots of their Clickbank dashboards, or sometimes those numbers are obtained by them spending as much on ads as they made.

I’ve never sold anything as a Clickbank affiliate, all their products seem like scams, I couldn’t get into it.

I did get a cash out from Amazon after three years, and my next one will be coming sooner than that.

There is a huge amount of quality brand name products to choose from on Amazon, which means if you can get an Amazon page in front of a targeted buyer, you can definitely make sales.

The problem is, there is so much competition all over the place for every different type of product, and you make less than a 10% commission when you first start out, which means that you have to sell something over a hundred dollars to make ten.

I had some luck with making Facebook pages that led to Amazon affiliate links. I just chose a keyword phrase title, put the link on a custom redirect tab, and got a few hundred likes.

Those dozen pages which took me an hour to make each are still brining in sales, I made sixty dollars the first month, but it slowed right down after that for some reason, otherwise I would have kept doing it.

Get in contact with me and give me something for my time, and I’ll teach you how to do that if you want a quick solution to making a small amount of money that increases over time, it’s real easy.

eBay And Amazon Scams

Obviously these sites are huge, and people do make tons of money through them, selling this and that and everything.

The problem is that there is huge competition, like with every other well-known money making scheme.

For a start, you have competition from every big wholesale manufacturer, and from affiliates selling products for a commission for every big wholesale manufacturer in the world.

Generally speaking, if you persevere, you will make money, if you make listings for the products that people want to buy, and the listings do well in the search.

However, you will not make enough to warrant paying someone thousands of dollars to teach you how to do this.

My friend bought a set of CDs for five thousand dollars that supposedly taught the secrets of being an eBay auction listing agent.

I got caught up in a similar scam soon after I first switched on the internet. There was a large, hidden monthly fee to gain access to a list of wholesalers that you could probably find for free somewhere on Google.

Buying Information

Here I am trying to sell you information, or my expertise as a one-on-one internet marketing coach who can sell you anything you want to buy, and I’m telling you to beware of people selling information.

That’s kind of cutting my own throat, which is something I’ve been known to do for some reason, I’m just being honest.

People will sell you internet marketing training for thousands of dollars when it can be found for free, or for a much lower price.

They do this by having an enticing sales campaign that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams, financial freedom, and all from only a couple of hours work a day.

As I’ve explained, the only way to make money online is through hard work. I’m hoping that by being honest about what you can really expect, (a decent bit of extra cash to help with your bills), and by offering my coaching services for a very affordable price, you will trust me enough to hire me, and see what I can do for you.

I’ve given you some information here for free, and there’s more free information on other pages of this site, such as in the articles I’ve written, a few pages that are a summary of how to do internet marketing generally.

There’s a lot more than that to teach you, so many things I’ve learned over the years, mostly through trial and error, and doing random Google searches on the subject, and what I’ve learned does work, so if you want to discuss hiring me to do that, or you want to buy any of my other services, send me a message through the contact form in the sidebar.



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