Self-Hosted Custom Facebook Welcome Page

I can make a Facebook welcome page for you, with a range of simple designs, that is hosted on your own server.

There are many sites which claim to let you build a free Facebook welcome page, like Pagemodo, or Wix, but usually you have to pay a monthly fee to remove the ads on them, and you are only allowed one page per account.

The benefits of having a Facebook welcome page hosted on your own server, is obvious. You have compete control over it, you never have to pay for changes, or for hosting, and it’s yours to alter as you like.

I have a number of pages that have my own design on them, and what I usually do is make a You Tube video, put the embed code in an html file with some words and photos, and then upload the file to my server, and use the Developer section of Facebook to make an app, which I then add to my page.

What Do My Welcome Pages Look Like?

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Take a look at this simple welcome page I made for an example: Welcome Page.

I can put an auto-responder code or Pay Pal button underneath the video, or anything you have a code for. I can teach you how to create those codes if you don’t know how to do it. I can make the You Tube video for you as well, but that will cost extra.

I can build a mini-site for you, with image maps, so that when people click on a section of a photo, they are redirected to another URL within the iFrame of the Facebook page.

I can also show you how to redirect people from a tab to any URL inside or outside of Facebook.

Cheap Facebook Page Likes

How Much Does A Facebook Welcome Page Cost?

I’m going to say that the cheapest I would do a project like this for would be fifty dollars, and from there it would get more expensive depending on the amount of coding I had to do.

If you want one that looks exactly like the one I just showed you, and you have the You Tube video embed code, and the auto-responder code, or Pay Pal button code, then that would be fifty dollars. In order for me to add a photo that is hosted on your server, you first have to upload the photo to your server, and give me the actual URL of the photo.

You can do this easily with WordPress, if you have trouble uploading a photo to your server and sending me the URL, we can discuss how to do that. I might be making photos in Photoshop that I’ll need you to upload.

I will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to put the app on your page. For example, you need to have a secure SSL certificate on your server, so that you can give a safe URL with an https as well as an http address.

Usually this just means upgrading your current hosting to a business plan. You will probably want to make more than one Facebook page, because you can cross link them to each other, which boosts the rankings of the page in a Google search, so it’s a worthwhile investment to have the SSL certificate.

This is only if you want to add the Facebook welcome page I make to your page using the Developers section of Facebook. You can add the HTML code to your page with a simple app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

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Can I Rank Your Facebook Page on Google?

I can get you Facebook page likes, which is beneficial for a number of reasons, including your rankings in a Google or Facebook search.

I can make back links to your Facebook page (or your site), using a number of different SEO techniques like paying people to blog about it, tweet and share it, do forum posts linking to it, blog comments, etc, or I can make cross links to it within Facebook from my high page rank pages.

Getting back to the cost of a Facebook welcome page, you will have to tell me what you want, and I can give you an estimate.

If it requires more work than videos, text and photos on a white background, it will be more than fifty dollars.

How to buy a Facebook welcome page.

How To Buy A Facebook Welcome Page

Get in touch with me at [email protected] to discuss what you would like to have on your Facebook welcome page, and I’ll tell you if I can do it, and how much it will cost.

You can pay by sending the money directly to my PayPal account from yours.  I will give you my PayPal ID, or create an invoice, once we work out the details of what you want on your Facebook welcome page.

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