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On January 28, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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A Facebook welcome page design can make or break your social media campaign, because studies show that over 90% of people who come to your page never actually return.

You have to capture their interest immediately, and convert them into a customer, a subscriber, or get them to download a free e-book.

There are many different ways to design a Facebook welcome page, you can use a “free” page builder like Pagemodo or Wix, but it’s only free if you go with the limited free option, which means having an ad for their site on your page.

In order to remove the ads and make more pages, you have to pay a monthly fee, and these Facebook welcome page designs don’t even include ways to add Pay Pal buttons or opt-in forms.

You are much better off making a Facebook welcome page using HTML, and if you don’t know how to write HTML, you can hire me to design it for you.

I don’t use fancy templates, I just write everything out in basic source code, meaning I put any photos, videos, payment buttons, or opt-in forms together on the page in a nice looking way.

I can even design a Facebook welcome page that extends into a mini-site, by making a little photo for a button that you click on, that leads to another page, all within the iFrame.

I can use image maps to make one part of a photo clickable, or pretty much anything you want.

There are two ways to get the welcome page tab on your Facebook page, you can either use an app like: Static HTML: iFrame Tab, or you can upload the HTML file to your server, using the Developers section of Facebook.

Facebook Welcome Page Design

Designing A Facebook Welcome Page

I can design a basic Facebook welcome page like that one I just linked to, starting at fifty dollars, if you have all the codes I need ready to put on the page.

For example, you should have the You Tube embed code, the photo URLs, and the Pay Pal button codes ready to send me in an email at [email protected].

Then, I will put them together by writing them out in an HTML editor, along with the codes that position them in the right places.

Facebook welcome page design is not as easy as it seems, as you need to know how to make it the right size, and how to move it into the right position, etc.

Making an app using the Developers section is particularly complicated, and you may also need my advice about what your strategy should be, like whether you should sell something, or give something away for free.

In order to get a good click-through rate on Facebook Ads, you probably need to offer some value, so a free e-book is sometimes the best way to get people to read whatever you have to tell them.

You can offer massive value by giving away the e-book for free, but within it, you have the link to your site, or affiliate links, or your contact details, etc.

I am not an expert at Facebook welcome page design, but I’m pretty good at it, and I’ve seen people charge ten times as much for the same service. Send me a message to talk about your business, and what you would like done, at [email protected].



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