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Custom Tabs Starting At $50

Everyone who has a business knows how important it is to have a strong presence on Facebook, the largest and most visited site in the world, but often people have trouble figuring out how to make a successful page.

That’s where you can use the services of someone like me, who spends hours every day on Facebook and knows all the tricks.

Take a look at this page of mine, Welcome Page, it shows what sort of things I can do if you click on the tabs.

For example, if you click on the first tab, you can fill out the form and send me an email, and if you click on the other tab, you can buy a custom tab for your page for fifty dollars.

What You Get When You Buy My Page Design Services

I can make a basic page with a cover photo, a profile photo, a custom tab with something basic on it, a description, some details filled in, photos for the buttons, and a few likes for social proof starting at fifty dollars.

That will get you the most basic version of a new page, or a tab on an already existing page. You basically pay me for my time and expertise, at about twenty five US dollars an hour.

If I can do it within two hours, then it costs fifty dollars, and if it goes over that time, I might ask for a little more, but it usually wouldn’t take me longer than that, unless I’m making a page from scratch with lots of stuff on it.

If you want me to spend more time on it, filling out all the sections with the right information and if you want more likes, then it will cost however much more for that extra stuff.

I can manage a Facebook Ads campaign for you to get targeted likes, or help you rank your Facebook page on Google for the keywords in the title.

There is a lot more to Facebook marketing than many people think, or have the time to do themselves, and I can do anything you want, like post content to your timeline every day for you.

The Cost Of A Facebook Campaign

As far as payment goes, I need the payment upfront, you can pay via the Pay Pal button above, or you can ask me for an invoice, or you can pay via my Pay Pal email address [email protected]

I’m sure you will be happy with the results, but if for some reason there are bits that need work, like it needs a new cover photo, then I should be able to find a new one for free, so long as I can get it done quickly.

To run a full campaign and to build a new page starting from scratch with keyword research, page design, Facebook Ads management, and basic SEO costs about $300 a month give or take.

I could do it for $200 a month if you are happy to go slower, or I could speed up the ads and SEO work if you want results faster.

Get in touch with me via the contact form or by sending me an email at the email address I just mentioned. I know you will be happy with the quality and prices of my Facebook page design services.

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