Email Marketing Today – Does It Still Work?

On February 2, 2013, in Marketing, by Rowan
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Email Marketing in 2013 - 2014Guest post by Chris Winning

The money’s in the list! If you are an internet marketer you will have heard this on numerous occasions.

So why are you ignoring it? Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online today.

Becoming a successful email marketer demands a lot of time and effort

in the first instance. This article looks at, what I’ve found to be,

the most successful free traffic sources to help grow your email list.

First of all, this list is based on the premise that you already have a blog and/or a squeeze page.

If you haven’t, a simple search using a search engine will guide you to where you can create one.

Forum posting

Whatever your niche, there are an abundance of forums out there jammed packed with users looking for the information you hold.

Get yourself registered on as many as you can, build up a reputation as an expert in your chosen field. Include a link in your signature to your blog/squeeze page and refer people to it.

Social media

If you want to fully utilise social media as a means to building a list, you will have to look at paid advertising. However, you can still use it as a tool to build traffic to your website without spending any money.

The main social mediums are facebook and twitter. There are others, but these two should be your focus. Set up new accounts in both and start to ‘brand’ yourself and your business. Look for experts in your field and follow them/friend request them.

Look for people who are friends of more than one of your experts and add them too. Start posting; provide advice and tips on your niche. As your audience grows you can start to promote your blog/squeeze page.


Simple. Write a short, sharp advert promoting your website and submit it to every free classified you can find. I’ve found the classifieds audience as an excellent source of traffic to a squeeze page that offers something for free.

One of my squeeze pages,, offers a free email marketing report where I go into more detail on how to build a list. I’ve increased subscriptions to this list drastically through this traffic source.

Finally, a tip. Whatever you do, do not start to build an email list if you are simply going to spam your audience with offer after offer.

Yes the reason to grow a list is to make money from it but put yourself in your audiences shoes.

Would you like to be bombarded with email after email saying buy this, you need this, you’ll fail without this……No, you wouldn’t. Build up a respected relationship and provide free advice on the niche you are in.

Once you have a captivated audience you can begin to promote products that they will find useful. Striking a good mix of informative and promotional emails is the key to maintaining an email list as well as making money via affiliate sales.

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