Effective Promotions – Are People Aware of Your Event?

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Least effective promotionsWhen it comes to your huge event, you have to make sure that the event organizers that you engaged have allocated a good portion of the budget for promotions. Are people hearing, reading, or seeing the most important bits of information about the event? When it comes to event management, experts know that promotion is the key to making the affair successful and profitable.

With the technology we have today, promoting your event may seem like such an easy thing to accomplish, but you need to figure out how to work all these tools, especially the social media ones, in order to utilize them for optimum results. The following are some tips for effectively promoting your event.

• Tell your event planner what your preferences are. At the same time, you need to listen to their expert suggestions. At the end of the day, it’s mainly about budget and fitting in as many options in the amount.
• Identify your audience. When you know this bit, everything falls into place. You’ll know which radio stations, TV shows, print media, etc. to advertise in. The social channels will also allow you to target your ad onto your intended audience.
• Deliver a simple message. Simple messages are effective in that they are clear and short. People are busy and don’t want to spend time figuring out what you’re trying to say. You need to keep this consistent across all the tools that you are using to promote your event. Having a catchphrase helps. Online, make sure that you always include a link that will bring clickers to one landing page that will further sell the event to them.
• Be sure to have at least one print ad out there. You can’t assume that social media will take care of all the promotion that you need to get done. To cover all bases, do not discount the traditional channels. A print ad is a very good bet for reaching those who missed your online ads.
• Make your appeal for attendance or participation personal. Insert a sense of uniqueness to your ad so that your audience will feel that that they are being directly addressed. You need to give them a good reason for coming to your event. Make your ad focus on the ways your event will benefit them and not on the features they can expect.
No matter how well your event was thought out and put together, if it wasn’t promoted well, all those efforts will be for naught, so promote hard and promote well to ensure its success.

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