Does Social Media Marketing Work?

On September 30, 2011, in Social marketing, by Rowan
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The question of the day is: does social media marketing work? The answer is elusive. In some cases it works very well, and in others it doesn’t.

The goal is to spend a certain amount of time to make a certain amount of money. If you are spending hours working on getting Facebook page likes and you are not seeing a huge profit from the time you spend there, then you should forget about it, and move on to a more profitable way to spend your time.

You should remember that even though links from Facebook are no follow, they still count in your rankings on Google, as part of your overall link profile.

Personally, I have had a lot more luck with getting traffic from my Twitter followers, and that’s not just because it’s easier to get huge numbers of followers quickly, but also because it just works better for me.

Here is a You Tube video I came across recently that explains in depth whether you should or shouldn’t be spending your time on social media marketing, and whether it will work for you.

So Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Put it this way, if you spend hours a day on building your social connections, you may have the numbers to make a sale.

An alternative to working all day long on your Facebook and Twitter accounts is buying social promotion services, such as the ones offered here on this site.

Here you can buy Facebook page likes, schedule tweets to our thousands of followers, get a You Tube video made, buy cheap views for it, have articles written, buy back links for SEO, in fact almost anything you want done, you can get here on Professional Social Promotion.

When you consider that you might pay a dollar for what would take you over an hour to do yourself, it’s a very affordable service, that produces real results.

Does social media marketing work? Yes it does, you just have to specialize in it, and spend hours a day working on it, or hire the services of a social media marketing expert.

I am an expert at social media marketing.

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