Does Social Bookmarking Work Anymore For SEO?

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As far as I can tell, social bookmarking for SEO purposes has very little if any beneficial effect on your ranking.

While there are still elements of the old algorithms in Google, which pass page rank on from one site to another, page rank isn’t what gets you on the first page.

Google wants to show quality, relevant sites to their users, and unless you can get an authority link, from the home page of a government site, Wikipedia, or an authority site in your niche, it won’t have all that much benefit.

Does making back links from social bookmarking sites still have any SEO benefit? Maybe not.








Do Back Links Work Anymore For SEO?

Back links are still important, I’m not saying don’t make any, like Ehow is a good site to write an article on, as it’s one of the only “content farms” not penalized too badly by Google in the Panda update, but it’s more important that these links seem natural.

It does seem natural that you would make back links to your site on your computer, and if it was truly worthwhile, that other people of all kinds would make back links to your site from varying link text, no follow as well as do follow, but gradually, over time.

I used to notice the change in my rankngs almost instantly when I built dozens of social bookmarking links, but it’s just not like that anymore.

Links from forums, blog comments, (especially irrelevant ones), are just not worth doing anymore, unless you have exeptionally good software that finds quality places to link from, and submits to them gradually, on an ongoing basis.

There is no magic bullet software anymore, not that I’ve come across anyway, and that’s what Google was aiming to combat with the latest change in algorithms.

Your best chance to get on the first page of Google is to publish quality content on your site regularly, choose more specific titles, and slow down your back linking efforts, or switch your focus to looking for authority links.

Perhaps you could get in touch with webmasters in your niche, or hire individuals to write quality articles and blog posts.

Anyway, social bookmarking doesn’t really work anymore for SEO, you have to be smarter than that to fool Google these days.

Since the Panda algorithm update, social bookmarking links don't work as well for SEO.

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