Does Buying Facebook Likes Really Work?

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Facebook likes are something that is important for ranking your Facebook page on Google, and in a Facebook search, and it shows social proof to your potential customers.

However, Facebook likes are not the best way of getting traffic to a business, and buying random likes may not be beneficial at all, if you aren’t trying to compete for a search.

Buying Facebook likes

The reason is simple, Facebook makes it quite hard to get found in the news feed, as you are often pushed out by posts by friends, especially if you are just posting links.

It’s actually a lot better in terms of traffic to buy cheap Twitter followers from a site like Twiends, or I sell them for one cent each, if you’re interested.

Facebook have done a lot of things to try to push businesses into paying for Facebook Ads to promote their pages.

Basically, you don’t have much of a chance of succeeding on Facebook unless you pay for a Facebook Ads campaign, and have a high quality Facebook welcome page that sells your product via Pay Pal buttons or that pre-sells them with a sales video, and gives a link to the payment page.

Buying Facebook Likes

As I said, it can be beneficial to buy likes if you are trying to compete on Google for a search. Many of my Facebook pages are doing very well on Google for low to medium competition searches, and I partly attribute this to the cross-linking within Facebook from the random likes I have.

I also cross-link my pages to each other, by adding them to each other’s favorites, or liking them as the page.

I maintain the pages by posting different things on each one regularly, or at least every few days.

By doing this, making back links to it, and having an exact match username for the title of the page, it is possible to do really well on Google for a Facebook page, and buying Facebook likes does help a lot with the SEO.

Personally, I would suggest that you get in touch with me to talk about your page, your site, and your business, at [email protected] as buying Facebook likes may or may not be beneficial to you, and I may be able to offer you a different service which works ten times better.

Does buying Facebook likes really work? It works for some things, and not for others. There is no way to get targeted Facebook likes without getting them from a Facebook Ads campaign, and I can set up that as well, and help you get a good cost per click.


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