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There are many reasons why it may be beneficial for a band or artist to have a lot of likes on their Facebook page, but perhaps not for the reasons that you think.Does a band need a lot of likes on their Facebook page?

Record companies and concert promoters often look at the amount of likes and followers a band has on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to to gauge how much of a following they have, and even fans will look at those numbers and be influenced as well.

People are more likely to trust any sort of product or company more if it has the credibility of looking successful, but it doesn’t end there.

Sometimes a band will use their Facebook page as their primary band website, and if someone is searching for the band on Google, the page may not come up if it has no likes, even if there is barely any competition.

For example, the band may be called Wild Man Jesus, and when people search for it without the page being optimized for the search engines, they get random results of different combinations of those words.

They may not be able to find the band at all, even on a Facebook search if the page does not look important in the eyes of the the Facebook engine.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get some cheap numbers on your social media pages, whether it’s You Tube views, Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, or whatever.

How To Get Likes On Your Facebook Page

I am a social media specialist, and I can get you likes, followers, views, subscribers, shares, or almost anything you want to do with social media or search engine optimization for a very affordable price.

I can get you 250 likes on your band or company Facebook page for ten dollars, or 1,000 for thirty five, 2,000 for sixty, and perhaps up to 5,000 likes for a hundred and twenty.

The likes are from real accounts, but they are just random people, liking your page to get points for likes of their own.

They may have no interest in your band, or they may become a fan once they see something you post to your wall.

The point is, these random likes can lead to targeted likes when other people find your page because they were searching for you by name.

Having a large following on social media could even make the difference between being signed to a major label or not, so it’s well worth spending a few bucks on it.

You can place an order for Facebook page likes by going to the payment page where there is a ten dollar Pay Pal button, or you can pay any amount direct to my Pay Pal account, [email protected].

Then send me a message at the same email address with the URL of your Facebook page, and I’ll start getting the likes within 24 hours.

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