The answer to this question is yes, definitely they do. Social signals are playing more of a role today in the way Google determines how to rank your site than ever before.

While the links from social sites like Facebook and Twitter are no follow, they are being recognized more and more as a valid indication of what ordinary people like, and want to share with their friends.

Apart from sending Google a message that your site is popular among lots of regular people, you also get a lot of traffic from regular people, so long as your site has a widespread appeal, or the link comes from a targeted place, such as a Facebook page about the keywords in your site’s niche.
The key to success in social marketing is learning how to engage people in the right way on social networking sites.








How Do You Improve Your Ranking With Social Signals?

I explain elsewhere on this site how to get lots of followers, likes, and friends on social networks, so take a look around, for helpful tips on doing it yourself, or you may want to ask us to do it for you.

Simply get in contact with me at [email protected], to ask about how we can get you cheap traffic, and improve your ranking in the search engines, and I’m sure we can negotiate a fair price, for whatever you want done.

Whether you want to build back links, have a Facebook page built, get likes, Twitter followers, or have us share your site to our vast social networking list, we can offer a solution, or otherwise point you in the right direction to get whatever you want done, and quickly.

Social signals definitely help your ranking, drive traffic, and look good on your website, when you have a lot of shares next to the icon of Facebook and Twitter, so get in touch, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

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