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Content production for social mediaIf you have a social media account like a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus profile etc, you need to post content regularly on it, or it’s not of much value at all.

There are many reasons why you need to this. For a start, it looks bad if your last post was a year ago, the search engines will not rank the page as highly, and you miss out on all the traffic that you might be getting from your fans and followers clicking on the links.

You can make fresh content while doing SEO for the site, and post quality articles, guest posts and You Tube videos that also point to your site.

Or, you can post photos and videos directly, with a message that encourages engagement, or directs people to contact you.

You can also post content from other people, random relevant pages that might be of interest to your fans.

Whatever you decide to post, you have to continue to do it, because there’s no point having tens of thousands of fans if you don’t say anything to them.

It’s important that you don’t bother your fans needlessly with low quality spam, it has to be of high quality, but it’s also important that you post every page that might result in potential sales of your product.

There is an SEO benefit to sharing your content both from the perspective of the social media account itself, and the page you’re sharing.

Social media sites have no follow links leading out of them, but that does not mean that they are not taken into account when ranking a site.

Reasons Why You Need To Post Content

If nothing else, sharing your guest posts, posts and articles on social media means they get indexed on Google immediately.

If you have tens of thousands of fans or followers, no matter how you got them, (as long as they’re real people), you have the chance to get them to click on your links and look at what you have to offer again and again, for many years or until they un-follow you.

I was recently contacted on Fiverr, (I’m rowanman28 there), and the guy said he wanted someone who could make social media profiles that looked good, get likes and followers for them, and post content.

That’s exactly what I do, except that posting the content itself is a bit of a drain on my time, so that would cost about a dollar per share.

I could do a basic Facebook page set-up for ten to fifty dollars, depending on how much you wanted on it.

I could set up a Twitter profile for the same price, with a quality cover photo, description, tweets, and the initial amount of followers.

I can basically do anything you want me to do really, as I have five years of experience doing all of these internet marketing things, particularly on social media.

If you’re interested, my email is in the sidebar, or you can use the contact page. Send me some information about what you do, what you have done, and include links to your site and social pages, and I’ll give you some free advice.

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