Choosing A Title For Your Facebook Page

On February 23, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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Choosing a title for your Facebook page is quite an important decision, more so than many people think.

It’s not so much about what people on Facebook will think about it, it’s about trying to compete for broad match and long-tail keyword phrases on Google.

Choosing a title for your Facebook page

My Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is first on the first page of Google, a few spots ahead of the home page of this site, which has the same title.

The reason is simple, Facebook is a PR 9 site, and I got the exact match username, so it’s perfectly placed to rank for low to medium competition Google searches.

I didn’t really choose the domain name for this site very well, and I started off making back links to it from a different set of keywords, so I can understand why it’s not doing so well.

Anyway, it’s not just Google, people often search for popular phrases on Facebook as well, so you should try to put the most important phrase at the start of the title, and then some extra stuff at the end, to try to capture broad match searches.

Choosing The Title Of A Facebook Page

You don’t just have to make one Facebook page, you can (and probably should), try to make as many pages as you can that you can get the exact match usernames for.

It’s almost like getting a domain name, the power is really great, for almost any search. is well worth putting your time into updating regularly, and making back links to.

It also helps if you have a custom Facebook welcome page, and some Facebook page likes.

I can help you put together a great looking Facebook page, I can get you likes for it, advise you on engagement with your fans, set up a Facebook Ads campaign, or manage every aspect of your social media marketing campaign on Facebook, or any other site.

Choosing a title for your Facebook page is just one of many, many things that are important in your overall social media marketing campaign. Send me a message at [email protected] to talk about your page, and your business generally.

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