$50 For 5 Hours Work

Affordable Video Production

This video is kind over a year old now and my video production services have improved a lot since then. I now charge a minimum of fifty dollars per order, and that’s still a great price for the quality you get.

That fifty dollars covers about five hours of my time, and I don’t have a video camera, so I will only be putting together stock backgrounds or quick screenshots of photos on your site and music, with words over the top of it.

If you want me to include any music, videos and photos in particular, you will have to send them to me, as an attachment in an email in the right file formats.

If you want me to spend a bit more time, making a professional video with music of my own composition, and you want me to come up with actual video files, (like video screenshots of your site in action), then that will cost a little extra, an extra ten dollars or so for each extra hour it takes me.

It depends on the length of the video you want done, and what you done in it, but I’ll try to give you an estimate.

For a hundred dollars, I can make a one minute video that is a really professional job, like TV quality hopefully,  and I’ll also get you at least a hundred real views to your video once you upload it to your channel.

The difference with real views being that they come from real people which I get through social sharing. A video has to be entertaining to real people, as one of the main ranking factors in YouTube SEO is the bounce rate, or the rate at which people stop watching the video before it ends.

About This You Tube Video

I made the one above in about fifteen minutes, just using the most basic of features in iMovie.Buy Cheap You Tube Views

With this one, I just got a few screenshots of things like a beautiful woman, and a nice looking car, and added some original music and text on top of it, and that’s about it.

I can create simple techno music on my computer, or electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or anything you like, so long as I have the instruments available.

I have a few different options for the text that appears on the screen, and I just take screenshots or video screenshots of anything at all, so you can have pretty much anything at all in it, so long as it appears somewhere online.

I would suggest that you let me make the video, show it to you, and then post it on my You Tube channel, Social Media Marketing Tips, which is a PR 5, unless you would rather post it on yours, which is up to you. If there are lots of videos in one spot, that may lead to more subscribers, and better ranking for the videos.

I can also get you some initial views on the You Tube video, although for two hundred and fifty views, that would be an extra ten bucks, or included in the thirty dollar video.

If you just want views from real people to an already existing video, I can get you 200 for ten dollars, and perhaps 1,000 for forty, but that’s getting random people to view it for at least twenty seconds on a social swapping site.

I can also promote your video in a number of different ways to real people, and I would highly recommend things like social sharing and social advertising companies in order to get real targeted views for a good price. I can manage a campaign for that if you want, as well as the cheap video production.

Once you have a professional looking You Tube video, you can get me to change it into two slightly different versions, like with different music, or different photos, (to avoid duplicate content) for ten more dollars, and I’ll post them on You Tube with different titles, and different descriptions, to compete for different You Tube and Google searches, plus make a few back links to them.

In this way, you can compete for certain keywords on Google a lot more easily than by writing articles, as Google likes videos, and they own You Tube. They also like social shares, and views, and I will also share any video I make with all of my 50,000+ social friends and followers.

Get in contact with me at [email protected] to discuss what you would like done, and I’ll do my best to do it for you, and make you a really professional You Tube video.

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