Cheap Social Traffic

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Cheap Social Traffic

If you are looking for cheap social traffic, then you have come to the right place, as that is what Professional Social Promotion does best.

We can set up a campaign using micro job sites where people get paid for clicks on tweets, or a certain amount for a share to a certain amount of friends or followers, and if your site has widespread appeal, you will get a lot of traffic, and really cheap.

How cheap? Well, some of the sites let you offer one cent per click on a tweet, or a similar amount for the average message when you pay based on the amount of followers.

You can pay people to share in their news feed on Facebook, pay them to click the Google plus one button, digg your site, stumble your site, or a whole range of different things.

There are paid forum postings, article writing, and what it adds up to is really cheap traffic for your site, especially when you compare it to the amount that you would usually pay on Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads.

Get really cheap traffic from social sites.







Talk to me About Cheap Social Traffic

I’m Rowan Casey, the founder of Professional Social Promotion, and you can get in contact with me at [email protected] if you want to have a social promotion campaign set up for you.

The benefit of having lots of people tweet, share, digg, and stumble your site is not just the huge amount of cheap targeted traffic it brings to your site, these signals are also recognized by Google, and will surely have a positive effect on your rankings.

The best way to get traffic to your site that is cheap and effective is through social promotion on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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