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Can A Social Profile Page Rank As High As A Website?

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The question is, can a social profile page rank as high as a website? By that I mean, a Facebook page or profile, a Twitter profile, a Google Plus page or profile, or a You Tube video.

The answer is, yes it can. It’s perhaps even easier to rank a page on social media than it is to rank an ordinary website.Social Profile

For a start, the sites which they are on are huge, high authority sites already, and you can’t beat a high quality page on a site like Facebook, so long as it looks like it’s really important.

If you were for example trying to rank for a name of a celebrity, and you were that celebrity, and had tons of people who would follow you and like your page, it would be very easy to get onto the first page of that search.

Try doing a Google search on God, and you will see that down the bottom of that page, there is the Twitter profile of God, with millions of followers.

If you search for almost any band or artist, you will often find that their Facebook page is right up there at the top of the search.

I just typed in Lady Gaga, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth results were all her Facebook, Twitter and You Tube pages.

It’s fair to say that nobody could match the amazing following she has on social media unless they were Justin Bieber, but if you do that search, he also has his Facebook profile, Twitter profile and You Tube channel all on the first page of the search on his name.

Can Anyone Make A Successful Social Media Page?

Almost anybody can repeat this sort of success, if they are going after a search that has a slightly lower amount of competition.

You simply get the right title and username for your social profile, page or video, and then you get a ton of followers, likes, views, back links etc, and that’s it.

A social profile page can rank as high as a website for the same keywords, and not just that, it can also get tons of traffic from the social media sites as well.

How do you get tons of likes, followers, views, subscribers, back links, etc? You talk to me, because that’s the business I’m in.

Send me a message at [email protected] to talk about your business, what keywords you are going after, and the best way to drive traffic to your website, or social media pages.

Affordable Social Shares

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If you’re looking to buy some social shares of your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, you came to the right place, because I can help you find the best prices for shares.Affordable Social Shares

Let’s say you want people in America to like your website, and share it to their Facebook friends, I can do that.

Or you might want someone in the UK to click the Google Plus one button, and share it to their Google Plus followers. I can do that too, (provided there are enough people on the micro job sites).

You might want tons of people to tweet a message for you, but whatever you want done, I can help you do it, whether it’s social shares, social followers on your accounts, views, subscribers, posting or tweeting for you, writing, back links, anything!

I know how to get things done basically, and I can do it all for an affordable price, because I work cheap, as a middle man, or as the person doing the work.

How I Get You Social Shares

I spend a lot of time clicking buttons on social swapping sites to earn points, and there’s a ton of things you can do with those points like get Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, tweets, likes on a Facebook post, etc.

I also know all of the best Fiverr gigs, the best micro job sites, and the best sites to pay people to write articles and blog reviews.

I can help you with outsourcing all of your social media marketing, SEO, and advertising needs basically.

The benefits of social shares are obvious, they create traffic at the same time as increasing your ranking on Google.

Google has said publicly that social signals are more important these days than they’ve ever been before, but you have to know how to get a natural looking link profile, which I know how to do.

To talk about affordable social sharing for as little as ten cents a tweet or Facebook share, get in contact with me via the contact page, or you can also find my email address in the sidebar.

I can share your site with all of my tens of thousands of social connections, (for a quick traffic boost), for a Fiverr gig, or five dollars paid through Pay Pal, (which I prefer).

You can send me any amount of money for my various services by logging into Pay Pal, clicking send money, then you add my Pay Pal email address as the recipient, (same as the contact address), add the amount in US dollars, and choose services not goods.

If you just want something small and effective, a single share like that can be effective, or I can scale it up to whatever size you want by tweeting over and over again and paying other people to do the same.

I also do many other things such as internet marketing coaching, article writing and content production, web design, Facebook page design, voiceovers and commercial jingles, as well as likes, views, subscribers and followers on any of the major social sites.

Swapping Social Connections

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Are you trying to find the best sites for swapping social connections? This post will give you the best ones that I’ve come across, and tell you how to use them.

You Like Hits is one of the best and most popular sites for adding followers and likes, although it keeps saying that they may be ending the Facebook like option.Best Sites For Swapping Social Connections

Apart from Facebook page likes, (which I can get you cheap by the way), they also let you get Twitter followers, (which I sell as well), tweets, Google Plus followers, Google Plus Ones, You Tube views, You Tube subscribers, You Tube likes, Digg followers, Stumble Upon followers,  My Space friends, Linked In shares, Pinterest followers, Soundcloud followers and website hits.

The idea is pretty simple, you do any of these things for the amount of points people offer you, and then you offer those points for the social connections and actions that you want in return.

There are literally thousands of sites like this, following in the success of sites like Twiends, which now only offers Twitter followers, but not all of them have a large amount of people on the site.

I like using Twiends to get Twitter followers, and I can get you them for one cent each, but I need your username and password to log in.

I can also get Twitter followers on Add Me Fast without using a password, and I often use this site to boost the numbers of followers to keep the follower/following ratio in balance.

I also sometimes use Tweepi to unfollow those not following back, who you have been following for the longest time.

As you can see, getting tens of thousands of social connections can be quite time consuming, or it can cost a lot of money if you buy points on these sites.

I offer my services as a social media marketing manager at a very affordable price, and I can get you pretty much anything you want, share your site with my social connections, get other people to share it, or I can help you with SEO and pay per click advertising.

To get some more information about what I can do for your business or website, send me a message at [email protected] or go to the home page and check out the services I offer in the sidebar.

Best Sites For Adding Social Connections

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Here is a short list of the best sites that I have found for adding social connections. I could make the list longer, and I might add to it in the future, but these are the sites that I believe have the largest amount of people using them, which means you can add  people quicker to your social networks.

You Like Hits is a great site, which offers the ability to offer points to get Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, website views, MySpace followers, Digg followers, StumbleUpon followers, and Google Plus circles.
Best Sites For Adding Social Connections

It’s one of the most popular sites for adding social connections, particularly for likes. By the way, I can get you a much better deal on Facebook page likes if you were thinking of buying points, or I can save you some time clicking buttons. Over 700 for ten dollars, depending on the size of the order, on this site.

Twiends is a great site for adding Twitter followers, and has a large database of users. You can easily add 20,000 followers if you buy seeds on the site, as well as by following people to get seeds, but I can get you 1,000 followers for ten dollars, about a quarter of the price they are offering.

Check out the payment page on this site: Buy Cheap Twitter Followers. I can advise you on the best way to get followers quickly for a good price, and do all the work for you.

Add Me Fast is very similar to You Like Hits, but in my opinion it’s a much better site, with more options. You can add Pinterest followers as well as You Tube likes, Google Plus Ones, You Tube subscribers, etc.

The site lets you add points faster by giving you more options for doing things, the only problem is it’s still a fairly new site, and doesn’t have quite as many users, but it’s growing fast.

These are in my opinion, the best sites for adding social connections. There are literally thousands of others, but I can’t list them all, and I don’t know how effective each one is.

If you want to get me to help you add social connections, or manage a social media marketing campaign, or talk about SEO and general internet marketing, send me a message at [email protected], and I’m sure I can help you with your online business strategy.

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