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Tips To Help You Improve Your Online Shop

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Guest post by Saffatrading

An online shop delineates the success of any e-commerce business and it’s the most important aspect of any e-commerce site. It’s crucial to consider some factors that will help increase the efficiency of your online shop website.

If you are creating and online store, then these tips will assist you build the most effective online store that will ensure maximum profitability. Below are a few tips that will help you create and improve your online shop business.

Product description

The key to write an effective product description is to give the real story about your products. Visitors need a clear image about utilities and features of the products. While it’s true that you ought to create an imposing product description, nonetheless it’s also vital to write the most pertinent info that holds the truth even when the product offered is put in use.

Ensure that the information is concise and to the point because lengthy information will bore the readers, although you also need to offer enough value to make the page worth reading, and keep in mind Google may punish a page that doesn’t include enough text and stuffs in keywords.

The use of videos

Online videos have become very popular nowadays. There has been a gush in online video watching since it gives consumers a better idea. Most video savvy consumers and visitors prefer receiving information through videos.

Majority of the visitors may prefer the use of videos. They have the capacity of give information in a powerful way. Also, videos make it much easier for clients to choose if they would opt for the products or service and what utilities it can serve.

Ratings and product reviews

Although many consumers prefer viewing product videos, some prefer reviews and ratings of the products. Product rating is effectual for increasing the sales as well as customer engagement.

When a consumer rates the product well, other visitors would beyond doubt want to know more about it. Product review gives in-depth information about the product. This gives other visitors a clear image about the product. Also, product reviews help customers understand all the benefits of the product and this will affect the sales positively.

Make the checkout process simple

According to research, when a store utilizes a single-page checkout procedure rather than multi-page checkout procedure, then they have higher conversion rates as well as a higher successful accomplishment rate.

If the site has a complicated and a long checkout process, consumers are less likely to purchase products from that e-store. Based on the kind of products you sell or the kind of software you use, it’s impossible to minimize your checkout process to a single page. If you cannot use one checkout process, it is vital to minimize the number of pages.

Live chat

Surveys have found that when consumers have difficulty purchasing products online, they prefer looking for assistance through live chat rather than email or telephone. By adding a live chat to your site, you will ensure that your consumers complete their orders hassle free.

The internet has become an integral part of everyone’s day to day life and online stores have gained popularity. The tips above will give you a competitive edge for your online shop and also highlight its distinctiveness.

About The Author

Saffatrading works for Ecomland, a site that specialises in helping businesses of all sizes with their online stores.

Can You Get Rich Quick Online?

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There are many gurus who claim that you can get rich quick online, and while there is some truth to it, you actually need to be rich in the first place, or have a great deal of knowledge, and do a lot of hard work.You Tube Video For Business

Let’s look at one example of how you might get rich quick. Pay per click advertising, you find a product with a huge profit margin, whether your own, or an affiliate product, perhaps with recurring billing.

You pay a certain amount for advertising, and the money you make from sales is more than you spend, and you put the money back into more advertising.

Is this easy to do? Not really, as there is a lot of competition, and not every product with a high profit margin has a good conversion rate.

Most experts suggest that building an email list is the best way to go, so that once people sign up, you can send them targeted ads again and again, mixed with a lot of high quality information to keep them interested, and to build trust.

To build a list effectively, you have to offer massive value for free, for example, in my newsletter, I teach people everything I know about keyword research, SEO, building a website, making squeeze pages, social media promotion, and cost effective advertising methods.

I give out not only my own e-books, but other people’s  e-books that I found helpful, and that I have the rights to give out. I got these for free by signing up to lists myself.

Can You Get Rich Quick?

The answer is that most people who try to get rich quick fail, because they don’t know what they need to do, and in reality it takes time even if you have money to invest, to find a product that simply makes a profit from advertising.

Some people try to get on the first page of a popular and profitable Google search, but when I say some people, I mean millions of people, so it’s not all that easy to compete on Google alone.

I would suggest you get in contact with me to talk about your site, and I can give you advice on what you should probably do to increase your rankings on Google, your social media presence, and perhaps help with your paid advertising campaigns.

My email is in the sidebar, so just send me a message with a link to your site, and your social media pages, and tell me what you’ve been doing so far, and what you would like me to do to help.


How do I Make More Money Online?

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How do I make more money online? That’s a good question, and it may not have been your question, it’s more of a rhetorical question, unless you typed in that exact phrase into Google.

I generally get most of my traffic from Twitter, so you may not be asking the question, you’re just interested in the answer.

Do I have an answer? Well, maybe. I’ve made over ten thousand bucks since I first started trying to make money online two years ago, and I’ve only just recently started my own site, hosted on my own domain.

If you want to learn how to make money from your own website, then sign up to the newsletter, as that has tips on keyword research, how to buy a domain name and hosting, building a list with cheap traffic, and general free internet marketing training.

What this post is about, is ways to make money online without having your own website, which is what I have been doing until a few months ago.

How do I make more money online?







Ways to Make Money Online For Free

I’m going to start with what I think is the easiest way for a person with some experience in writing and SEO to make money online which is Factoidz.

It’s a pretty simple formula, you write an article over 400 words, and you get an activity bonus, starting at maybe 50 cents, but as you write more, you get up to three dollars an article or more.

Not only do you get the activity bonus, but an ongoing residual income from views. The site has good SEO, even since the Panda algorithm update on Google, and writing your own articles is just the beginning.

You can write a product review, a product comparison, or join the contextual back links program, and make around ten dollars an hour doing these things, paid upfront.

Now you may not think ten bucks an hour is a lot of money, but the title of this post is not how do I make a million dollars, it’s how do I make more money online.

The second highest earner I’ve personally found online is Fiverr. I have gigs like: I will share your site with my Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon followers for $5, and that brings me in about four bucks a day, although the more I promote it, the more gigs I get.

I tweet it regularly to my thousands of Twitter followers, and it also gets found on the Fiverr search, as it’s had a lot of positive reviews. It only takes me ten minutes to do that gig, so it’s effectively twenty four bucks an hour, if I had that many gigs to do.

So, that basically brings me to the end of the post, as after having my own site for three months, and only making three sales, I’ve made a lot more over the same amount of time on these two sites, and really, it was only because I was doing so well on Fiverr that I decided to make Professional Social Promotion.

How do I make more money online? Well personally, I’m going to get more Twitter followers, and tweet my Fiverr gigs, as well as the pages of this site, and I might write some more on Factoidz.

Make more money online quickly

What Should you Focus on in Your Online Efforts?

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What Should You Focus On?

There are many different things that people focus on in their online efforts, such as trying to sell affiliate products, making different websites to compete for high-traffic searches, and getting a good conversion rate on pay per click advertising.

Some people have their own product to sell, and others only care about the Google Adsense revenue.

There are people who don’t even have their own site, and are making hundreds of dollars a day, but from everything that I have learned, list building is the way to succeed long term online.

So long as you offer value, build trust, and don’t annoy your list of targeted subscribers, a list is the most important asset you can ever have on the internet.

Google can change their algorithms, and punish you for doing something you didn’t even know was a bad thing to do, the popularity of social sites can increase and decrease, as was seen with a site like MySpace.

However, if you build an email safe list in the right way, and keep your subscribers interested, you will have the most chance of increasing your income steadily over time.

In order to make the most of your online efforts, you should understand the basics of all aspects of internet marketing training, which I teach for free on Professional Social Promotion.







Maximizing Your Online Efforts

You can maximize your online efforts by having an enticing opt-in form in every page you make on your site.

For example, in the right sidebar, I have a form which if you fill out, you will get free internet marketing training, that will teach you SEO, social promotion, list building, website building, and everything you need to know to be successful online.

I give away e-books, training videos, I teach you how to make your own e-books, how to sell them with PayPal buttons, and how to make the download link, on your site, or in an email.

You can find out a lot of this information simply by surfing through the pages on this site, but if you subscribe, you will get all of the best bits sent to you automatically, in a structured way, which will take you through the process of building a site, and making it successful from start to finish.

In my opinion, this is what you should focus on in your online efforts, learning from an expert, and implementing those strategies, and then you should be well on your way to making some good money online.
You need to focus your time in the right way when working online, or all of your efforts will be in vein.