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Why Is There So Much Work Involved In Internet Marketing?

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Internet marketing workThis post aims to explain what it takes to run a website, rank it on the search engines, and get customers.

It will also explain all the different methods of getting traffic, and why it takes so much work to do it all.

Nothing online is easy, or it requires as much work combined with knowledge as any other job.

I work fairly hard, and I have to, to maintain multiple sites including sites I run for clients, as well as doing this and that and everything as work comes in.

How To Build Traffic To Your Site

Getting back to how you make money online, you need traffic. Some business models rely on building an email list, and signing people up to get some amazing offer and then continuing to sell to them for years through emails.

This can be great if you can do it well, but often people don’t know how to do it well, and they spend too much money sending traffic to their squeeze page to make the money back from the back end (the emailing side) of the list.

I don’t have a list myself, and it’s not that I don’t recommend that you get one, it is a very good way to hold onto traffic if you know how to use it. There’s just something I find slightly distasteful about it, for this reason.

Sometimes people add emails to their auto-responder selling Clickbank products and Aweber or Warrior Special Offer affiliate links, Amazon links, without really knowing anything about the products they’re promoting.

After a while of this sort of treatment, many people unsubscribe because they’re not getting value. You have to keep your list interested, and give them a reason to keep looking at your emails.

I tend to use social media as a replacement for email marketing, because I can get instant traffic from a variety of places like my Facebook pages, my Twitter accounts, Google Plus groups, Linked In groups, Yahoo groups, etc.

But generally, I write blog posts like this and get found in Google searches for some random phrase or another, and that’s what brings in the new customers, and there’s enough of them and enough work to do on anyone’s internet marketing or social media marketing campaign for me to get paid.

Assuming you are a new customer, let me explain why you should hire me to help you with what you’re doing, which I assume is some sort of internet marketing.

Why You Should Hire Me To Help You

The first thing I’ll probably do if you ask me to help you is take a look at your site, do some keyword research, suggest building back links from certain places, or writing longer blog posts more regularly and other on-page SEO tips.

Then I’ll help you make a nice looking Facebook page with lots of likes, aimed at a keyword search, or at your company name or your actual name if people are looking for you by name in a decent number per month.

It’s actually easier to rank a Facebook page on Google than it is to rank a regular website, so if you’re having trouble ranking your website, it might help to divert traffic from a Facebook page or You Tube video that is ranking for the same keyword, or a lower competition one.

If you have the money I can build back links that work, which are long original articles published on only the highest authority sites also linking out to authority source sites in the text and arranged in a link pyramid.

It does cost money to have an English speaking writer do quality work, and you don’t want to produce spam, as Google may punish lower quality pages through quality checkers just because the pages didn’t really have anything to say, or was written poorly.

I can easily get you likes and followers as well, not fake ones, but real random likes from a social swapping site. For Facebook, likes will help you rank your Facebook page on Google, and in a Facebook search, and of course the Facebook page requires back link building as well if you want it to rank.

For Twitter, getting thousands of real random country-targeted followers will get you traffic at the push of a button. It’s a no-brainer if your site has a widespread appeal and you’re willing to put in the time to tweet.

One of my services is social sharing, so you can test out what it’s like to have one of these huge accounts, my largest one has 30,000 followers, and I have four accounts at the moment.

I have so many because it works great, or at least you get multiple clicks on every link you tweet due to the huge numbers following.

I can also get other random people to tweet your message on their accounts, or share your site on Facebook, but if you find that works, it’s worth the investment of getting the followers for yourself, for about five cents each give or take.

It doesn’t work the same way to have random followers as it does to have targeted followers, but then it is very hard to be famous enough or important enough to get thousands of people to follow you naturally, or through any other method.

So without going into everything else I’ve learned over the past five years of internet marketing, it does take a lot of work, a lot of skill. I sell my services doing the things I can do which I’ve found work for me.

You could use some help whether you are a beginner or an advanced internet marketer, so get in contact with me at [email protected] and ask me to take a look at what you’ve been doing, and give you some advice, coaching and help doing the work that needs to be done at a fair price.


Should I Be Building An Email List?

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Building an email listI recently joined a group on Facebook called the social media mastermind specialists group or something like that, and it was only a small group, but there were a bunch of people like me in there, or I thought they were like me.

It was a group for social media managers, people who manage social media marketing for their clients.

I shared a blog post called social list building, which was talking about why I stopped building an email list and concentrated on my social connections instead, such as my Twitter followers.

They seemed to think that I was making a huge mistake by not building the list, and even went so far as saying that they don’t respect the opinions of people who aren’t making huge amounts of money.

I thought my fifty dollars a day every day was pretty good, especially considering it’s been doubling or tripling every year, but these guys were serious, or serious douche bags if you ask me.

I told them that I had tried building an email list, I wrote an e-book, I learned how to upload it to my server and create the download link that I could send out via email.

I wrote about two or three months worth of free daily internet marketing tips into my auto-responder, and then it started playing up, sending out messages over and over again.

I also realised that in just a few months time, the e-book had become out of date, or I had learned new things that worked better, and I didn’t like the quality of what I was sending out.

I tried to offer value to my list, but I also had to make money, and the only way I could make money was to promote my services, (which are basically likes and followers), or sell other people’s services as an affiliate.

Could I Make More Money By Building A List?

I’ve heard you can make a fortune by building an email list and sending out solo ads, (which are other people’s messages), and that’s kind of what I’m doing with my social media accounts, but it just seems so much more like spam.

It seems so much more like something I don’t want to be a part of, because I might be promoting products which are a rip off, or that harm people’s sites.

From a small amount of experience in buying those sort of internet marketing products that claim to make you a million overnight, I know that they are scams for the most part, and I have integrity.

Anyway, these people kept bugging me, saying that I should build a list, and that I wasn’t a real internet marketer like them because I wasn’t building a list.

It was just really stupid, because I could name thousands of sites that don’t bug their customers via email to buy something and still make a ton of money.

I’m hoping that people come back to my site because they thought my services were high quality, and want to get more.

I can email them in person once or twice, and that’s enough for me. I would prefer to talk to people one on one via email rather than as a robot, sending out one message to thousands.

I never built my email list that big, I was using a crappy free WordPress plugin to build my list called WP Autoresponder, and I only got up to fifty subscribers before it screwed up.

I would have to start all over again completely from scratch, and write a new ebook, get an Aweber or Get Response account, pay the monthly fees for that, (which keep rising the more subscribers you get), and that means I would have to build the list quickly which means I couldn’t just get traffic from SEO, I would also need to buy traffic from ads.

Google Adwords doesn’t allow you to send traffic directly to a squeeze page so I would probably need to use Facebook Ads, and that can be hard to use to get email subscribers.

Why I’m Not Going Back To Building An Email List

Basically, it would take a hell of a lot of money, a lot of hard work, and a lot of learning how to do this different thing before I could even say that I was in profit from the whole exercise, in fact it might be a huge waste of time and money.

I’m onto a profitable strategy, and if I don’t do that and just keep doing what I’m doing, the stats point to me being rich beyond my wildest dreams anyway, in a few years time.

I don’t like email lists, I’m signed up to a bunch of them, and 99% of them have nothing good to say, just the usual spam, and I just end up un-subscribing.

I don’t want to be one of those guys who sends you out Clickbank affiliate links or the lastest WSOs or solo ads.

It’s spam, it’s boring, it’s inpersonal, it’s commercial, it’s old, nasty, horrible. I just really don’t like the whole thing.

Maybe Twitter is the same sort of thing in a way, but the difference is that the tweets just go by on your dashboard, and you don’t have to delete it, you don’t even have to look at it if you don’t want to.

I’d suggest that everyone who has a product with a fairly widespread appeal buys random Twitter followers, because they work just fine for me, and I can get hundreds of unique views a day if I spend a bit of time tweeting.

On the other hand, it would take a fair bit for me to recommend that anyone build an email list, regardless of whether it is technically a better way to get sales from traffic.

It’s only better if it suits what you’re doing, and you know how to do it properly, (which takes a lot of learning), and if you’re happy to annoy people with affiliate links and stuff like that.

I can’t think of many cases where I’ve been signed up to a list that isn’t annoying, and I have personally barely ever bought anything.

I have a personal dislike for email lists, and they don’t work for everybody, that’s the point I was trying to make in the group, but I won’t dispute that it is a proven business model that has made many people millionaires if they stuck at it.

I can help you build an email list, I know the basic idea, but what I would suggest is that you try using social media connections first, and learning SEO, and PPC, because those things can get you subscribers later anyway.

Send me a message to talk about the best possible course of action for you and your business, my email is in the sidebar.

Is There An Easy Solution In Internet Marketing?

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The Easy Solution To MarketingI run into people all the time or sites that claim to offer an easy solution to getting tons of traffic to your site through better Google rankings or some other amazing way of generating leads.

The way to look at most of that internet marketing sales copy is that 99% of it has less than 1% truth to it, and 1% of it has 99% truth to it.

The reason is, some people are just raised to tell the truth, and they actually have something worth selling you, and aren’t just making up bogus claims.

It’s not unusual to see photos of marketers making ten thousand dollars a week through Clickbank, and those screenshots are real, but what they don’t tell you is that they are spending thousands of dollars worth of advertising to get those figures.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, I haven’t made anything from Clickbank personally, but I haven’t really tried that hard.

What Worked For Me

I did get my first check from Amazon for a hundred dollars, after three years of being signed up as an affiliate, and that felt good.

What was encouraging was that I made almost all the money in the last couple of months. I worked out a way of making Facebook pages for random Amazon products so that people who were searching on Facebook for that exact thing could find what they were looking for and buy it.

It’s not really a new or interesting idea, and it didn’t really last too long, as you have to keep updating the pages with fresh content now, or Facebook will just stop showing the pages in a search.

Still, when I was doing it, I was easily making a couple of dollars a day, and that was from only making a couple of dozen pages with titles like Buy Amazon Gift Cards.

I made the pages, bought a few hundred likes for each of the pages, and that was it. That was enough for it to rank for the random search I was aiming it at, and so whenever somebody searches for a phrase like JC Penney gift cards on Facebook, odds are they will get my page.

I really didn’t put a lot of work into it, it’s a really simple formula, and there are an almost endless amount of potential products to sell on Amazon.

If you’re interested in doing that, and you’re happy to buy the likes for the pages from me, (I’m one of the most trustworthy and reliable likes dealers online), then I can show you how to do that, it’s real easy, and you will be able to start making money straight away.

You can do the same thing by making an Amazon review site based around a niche, but it takes longer to get it to rank and to make money.

If you have any questions about that, or how to make money generally online, or do SEO, or you want to buy some likes or Twitter followers or get me to make you a You Tube video or some original music, or you want to know how to set up a website, or anything like that, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar.

Why Some Businesses Succeed Online

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How Businesses Succeed Online

Guest post by Randolf John Burton

The way how things run in the business sector nowadays has changed. A simple business’ promotion may have started from “word of mouth”.

Then going to flyer distributions and mobile text messaging, then radio or news print advertisement, and finally progressing to television marketing.

However, with the birth of so many technological innovations – especially with the viral world wide web applications and mobile technologies,business competition goes to a higher level.

In our daily lives, we are facing 1.5 billion pieces of content – whether in printed form, softcopy, or web-based. With this, businessmen have to exert great efforts in succeeding over their competitors. Some end up with triumph, some don’t.

One great factor lies in the ability of the company to adapt and take advantage of technological advancements, especially those that are related to the renowned world wide web. One good instance would be infographics marketing.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data intended to present complex information or data in a clear and brief manner. They are the chosen marketing media of successful businesses due to the following factors:

  • They are attractive – Infographics is a combination of the best texts, images, and design that comes in various colors, shapes, or graphs. Usually, people read further on things that initially calls their attention.

  • They are precise and organized – People prefer to know all the information they need from a one-page presentation with only the key points being illustrated, rather than reading a very long document and picking the key points themselves along the line.

  • With interaction – Most of the businesses nowadays are creating interactive graphics which enables users to click through text or image links to open further information on a different interface. Taking readers through a series of slides will help keep them engaged, learning, and satisfied. Thus, potentially leading to an established business reputation and more sales.

  • They are shareable and accessible – A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites. Because of their visually-appealing and informative feature, infographics are greatly shared in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They also comes with HTML-embed code which can link back to your business’ website.

A well-presented infographics or information graphics creates professional and trusted impression. In the online marketing arena, this could greatly help boost a business’ online presence or authority, as well as traffic which may be converted to valuable sales.

Author Bio:

Randolf John Burton is a marketing specialist who is keen in identifying problems and ideal strategies in having productive online business. He currently works for a website which provides awesome infographic submissions which keep its readers well-informed and entertained at the same time.


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