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The question is, can a social profile page rank as high as a website? By that I mean, a Facebook page or profile, a Twitter profile, a Google Plus page or profile, or a You Tube video.

The answer is, yes it can. It’s perhaps even easier to rank a page on social media than it is to rank an ordinary website.Social Profile

For a start, the sites which they are on are huge, high authority sites already, and you can’t beat a high quality page on a site like Facebook, so long as it looks like it’s really important.

If you were for example trying to rank for a name of a celebrity, and you were that celebrity, and had tons of people who would follow you and like your page, it would be very easy to get onto the first page of that search.

Try doing a Google search on God, and you will see that down the bottom of that page, there is the Twitter profile of God, with millions of followers.

If you search for almost any band or artist, you will often find that their Facebook page is right up there at the top of the search.

I just typed in Lady Gaga, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth results were all her Facebook, Twitter and You Tube pages.

It’s fair to say that nobody could match the amazing following she has on social media unless they were Justin Bieber, but if you do that search, he also has his Facebook profile, Twitter profile and You Tube channel all on the first page of the search on his name.

Can Anyone Make A Successful Social Media Page?

Almost anybody can repeat this sort of success, if they are going after a search that has a slightly lower amount of competition.

You simply get the right title and username for your social profile, page or video, and then you get a ton of followers, likes, views, back links etc, and that’s it.

A social profile page can rank as high as a website for the same keywords, and not just that, it can also get tons of traffic from the social media sites as well.

How do you get tons of likes, followers, views, subscribers, back links, etc? You talk to me, because that’s the business I’m in.

Send me a message at [email protected] to talk about your business, what keywords you are going after, and the best way to drive traffic to your website, or social media pages.

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