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SEO In California

Guest blog post from SoCal Digital Marketing
One of the best California SEO Companies SoCal Digital Marketing was created in the beginning of the year and is rapidly growing and penetrating the market share for SEO services in California and it’s hometown in Orange County.California SEO Company

Many small to medium sized businesses that earn profits of 3-11 million dollars a year signed recently signed monthly contracts with SoCal Digital Marketing because of their high quality service and SEO expertise.

The search engine optimization specialists at SoCal Digital Marketing are absolutely obssessed with search engines, web design, and optimization factors.

They are continually looking for new ways to improve their services and stay “White Hat” which means following the webmaster guidelines.

Due to the most recent Google Panda & Penguin algorithm updates that penalize websites with over optimization on websites such as spammy links on irrelevant websites, they have developed several ways to over come this.

Search Engine Optimization And Online Marketing In California

One way that they are able to overcome the updates and avoid the penalties is focusing on natural rankings and links from relevant category related websites. SoCal Digital Marketing also provides original blogs and websites created about the clients valuable keywords and provides recommendations to their websites from the blogs/websites.

Another factor that has been noticed is the social media metrics may affect rankings as well. So one thing SoCal Digital Marketing does is reach out and encourage their client’s customers to engage them on social media by “Liking”, “Following” or “Google +1″ their social media sites.

Recently the head of the webmaster spam team at Google stated that social media metrics are an important part for increasing rankings in the search results page. This makes complete sense because most companies that engage in social media attract more customers, have fresh content, and can interact with their audience.

If you are interested in having your website optimized by an SEO professional we highly recommend visiting and giving them a call. They also provide a free website analysis which gives you a bunch of detailed information about the search quality of your website.

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