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On June 25, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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Buying Facebook Page Likes

Buying Facebook likes is very easy to do, and there are a number of different ways you can get them.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that they are not all that effective by themselves.

As I explain in the video, random likes mostly help you if you’re trying to compete for a keyword with a reasonable search volume on either a Google search, or a Facebook search.

The best way to go about this sort of Facebook page SEO is the same way as a regular website.

Do some keyword research on the Google Adwords keyword tool. Find a keyword phrase to do with your product with at least a hundred exact match searches a month, preferably a thousand.

Then, give that title to your page, (starting from scratch), and try to get the exact match username for that title.

For example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is doing great in a Google search on that title, because I got the exact match username and I got a reasonable amount of likes on it.

Does Buying Facebook Likes Work?

According to my Counterize stats, Facebook is one of the main referrers of traffic to this site, but I mostly focus on Twitter, because that’s even better for me.

Anyway, the other reason why having a lot of random likes helps you is that people will look at a page that has fifty likes and think: “are you for real?”.

Nobody wants to like a page that has under a thousand likes, not if they expect it to have something good to offer, because you’re only allowed to like a maximum of five thousand pages per user, and a page that nobody likes is not worth liking in the minds of most people.

Therefore you need to buy some Facebook likes, and I can give you about 250 for ten dollars, 1,000 for thirty, or 2,000 likes for fifty dollars.

Send me a message at [email protected] to talk about a larger order of Facebook likes, or to send me the URL of your page. My Pay Pal email address is [email protected] if you want to pay that way, or there’s a ten dollar button on the payment page.

Buying Facebook likes may seem a little underhanded, if you want to call it that, but the truth is, almost everyone who is successful on Facebook, (and not famous), does it.

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