Buy You Tube Views Cheap

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Buy Cheap You Tube Views

OK, so you want to buy cheap You Tube views, right? The first thing you need to work out is what kind of You Tube views are you going to get, and why you want to have them.Buy Cheap You Tube Views

You probably already know why you want to have a lot of views on your You Tube video, it makes you look better to any potential customers that see it, and it plays some role in the ranking of the video on Google and in a You Tube search.

What you don’t want to do though is buy a ton of views from a traffic bot, because this will probably not work to increase You Tube views through having it rank higher in a search, as Google have algorithms to detect things like that.

They will freeze your view count after you reach about three hundred, and they may not even unfreeze it if the traffic looks really unnatural.

The best way to get views for a You Tube video is to have it ranking in a search, or to have a page leading to your You Tube video that is ranking in a search.

The next best way is to drive traffic to it through social media. You can pay people to tweet your video link, or get your own followers, and tweet it to them.

There are ways you can pay real people to view your video as well, and if you’re just looking for a lot of random people to look at what you did, then that’s fairly easy to do, for about five cents per view of at least twenty seconds.

That’s about as far as I go in getting artificial views, because I believe that a You Tube view is not really worth much if it isn’t coming from a real person watching your video.

Why bother increasing your numbers if nobody is actually hearing what you’re saying?

I can also get people to like your video, or comment on it, or subscribe to your channel, or share your video with their Facebook friends, tweet it, etc.

These things can look really good to the You Tube search engine, if it’s done in a natural looking way.

Buying Cheap You Tube Views

The other way to make a You Tube video popular is to get it to rank, and that’s where traditional SEO techniques come into play.

I can pay people to write blog reviews of your video, or if you pay me enough, I can even do the writing myself, on my own high quality blogs and article accounts.

For example, I could do an article on HubPages linking to your video, and your site at the same time, and have the video embedded in the article.

I can do some keyword research, and rank it on Google for a low to medium competition search, for around ten dollars, depending on how much work is involved in ranking it.

I’m fairly good at SEO, and I have a number of You Tube videos and Facebook pages ranking first on the first page of Google for keywords like affordable social media marketing, social media tricks, social media marketing tips, Facebook welcome page, and a bunch of different things.

Anyway, coming back to the You Tube views, I talk more about my strategy on the payment page, buy You Tube video views.

I don’t want to sell you something that will only work for as long as I’m doing it, I want it to continue to work well over time.

My most successful video had about 10,000 views, and it was ranking on the first page of a Google search that had about 27,000 exact match searches a month worldwide on the Google Adwords keyword tool.

These are the real issues to think about for the long term, if you want to buy You Tube views cheap. Send me a message at [email protected] to talk about your videos, and the best way to get real people to view them.

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