Should You Buy You Tube Video Views?

It may be against the “spirit” of You Tube to buy You Tube video views, but in a lot of cases, a marketing video with hundreds of thousands of views did not get them purely by accident.Buy You Tube Video Views

Google themselves allows you to buy views for your You Tube video through Google Adwords, where you can get a promoted video through their TrueView ads.

You can choose between having your video come up in a search, next to other related videos, at the front end of videos, or as a choice in an ad on a video.

You can also make ads that appear on the display network, but that’s not what I’m selling here on this site, as Google are already doing that, although I can help you manage a Google Adwords video campaign if you want to do it that way.

I mostly get my You Tube views through social media. I have tens of thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Facebook page likes, Google Plus followers, Pinterest followers, Stumble Upon followers etc, and I send out my link to all of them to get my first round of views.

I can share your video with my social connections, or I could pay people to share it with their friends and followers.

For example, a tweet to a random account would cost around five to ten cents each, or I could get people to watch it for at least twenty seconds on the You Tube video page for about the same price, or I could set up a Stumble Upon ads campaign, again for about the same price.

Different Methods To Increase You Tube Views

There are hundreds of different ways to do it, for example you could embed the video in an article, and do SEO for that page, or you could make back links to the video itself, to help it rank well on Google.

I don’t just sell views to increase numbers, I sell a range of techniques which will work better in the long run to drive targeted traffic to your videos, and then your site.

I have lots of videos that are ranking first on the first page of Google, and I know how to rank any page by making high quality, high authority, relevant back links to it gradually.

If you just want a quick set of random views to increase your numbers, I can do that, and that looks good from a social proof perspective.

If you have a video about internet marketing, and it has twenty views, nobody is really going to take you that seriously, which is why it’s important to increase numbers for numbers sake at times.

Again, there are lots of different ways I can get you You Tube video views, and I suggest you get in contact with me first to talk about which method you want me to employ.

However, if you just want to increase numbers through random real people watching your video, you can buy 200 views for ten dollars, 1,000 views for forty dollars, or 3,000 views for one hundred and ten dollars.

The payment buttons below are for ten, forty and one hundred and ten dollar payments, but you can press them multiple times if you want to place a larger order, or send the money to my Pay Pal email address, which is [email protected].

I don’t endorse buying You Tube video views from bots, or fake accounts, I get real people to watch your videos in a number of different ways. I will also give you advice on how to improve your whole social media campaign.

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Pay Through Pay Pal

Pay Through Pay Pal

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