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You can buy Facebook likes cheaply, easily, and safely, right here on Professional Social Promotion.

The prices start at ten dollars for two hundred and fifty, or four cents each, although I usually give you more than that, and you can talk to me about a better deal for a bulk order.

Just send me a message at [email protected] to discuss how many you want, I can probably fill orders of up to ten thousand.

The likes are random people, but they aren’t fake by any means, just ordinary people with Facebook pages, liking your page in exchange for a like in return.


Facebook Likes

Before You Buy Facebook Likes

There are a few things you should know before you buy Facebook page likes from the payment page.

Random likes are good for getting traffic, because anyone who likes your page will see the updates to your wall, particularly if they are engaging photos, videos, polls, or questions, but they are good for a few other  reasons as well.

When a lot of people like your page, it generally improves the ranking of that page in a Facebook search, which is only really helpful if people are searching for the title of your page on Facebook.

It’s hard to do keyword research for Facebook, but you can get some idea of what people are searching for generally from the Google keyword tool, and this is the second thing to consider.

Facebook pages are ranking a lot higher in Google these days, and may even be easier to rank than your own site, if you can make a viral page, get thousands of likes, or encourage people to share or link to your page.

For example, on the first page of the Google search: God, the number nine result is a Twitter profile, and on the third or fourth page of results is a Facebook page called God.

Think of how many people would search down to the tenth page of results on that search, and you get the picture. It’s well worthwhile to think about the search volumes of the phrase you choose for your title, and then try to get the exact match username.

For example, if your Facebook page was called Page Likes, you would want to try to get the username I managed to get pagelikes1, which may or may not be as good, I don’t know.

How To Encourage Natural Facebook Likes

Facebook Welcome Page
In order to encourage people to naturally give you Facebook likes, they first have to see your Facebook page.

I put this banner for my Facebook page: Welcome Page on every page of my other main site, and I put a banner ad for it on every page of this site.

I may even try a pay per click advertising campaign, to see if I can make a profit with it.

If you’re interested, I can make you a custom Facebook welcome page with a You Tube video, photos, payment buttons, opt-in forms, navigation, or whatever you want, starting at fifty dollars for a basic model.

Having an attractive Facebook welcome page is like having a sales page, and it can be a sales page. Your main aim should be to get them to buy the product, or sign up to your email list, because Facebook likes are not quite as effective as email subscribers for converting into sales.

I have done You Tube videos, blog posts, articles, and I link from the home page of this site to a Facebook page, and I also cross link my Facebook pages to each other, which all helps them rank higher on Google and Facebook, and gets them more traffic.

Traffic usually results in Facebook likes, so long as your page looks good, and is interesting and engaging. Again, you can buy Facebook likes from the payment page: Facebook Page Likes, or you can get a Facebook Welcome page from the other page I just linked to.

Check out the home page of this site and other blog posts on this blog for more information about Facebook, Facebook likes, and social media marketing generally.

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