Building a professional website is quite easy to do, but to do it really well requires a good knowledge of design, SEO, and technical stuff like coding and plugins.

Building a professional website

You don’t have to be Einstein to make a professional website.

Anyone can make a simple WordPress website promoting their product or service by following the steps on this page.

I don’t claim to be a qualified website designer, but I made this site, anyway. it’s just a free WordPress template, but I won’t tell you which one, as you should try to be original.

I would suggest you get in contact with me to talk about making a website, as it’s very easy to make mistakes, and once you buy the domain name, you are stuck with it, and it might not even be a very good idea.

Send me a message at [email protected] if you want to talk about how to make a website that will make money, and I will give you some really cheap coaching and training, but there is quite a lot on this page as well, so keep reading.

Keyword Research for Your Website

Before you do anything, you will want to work out what the title of your home page is, which will also hopefully be your domain name, and to do this, you have to do a little keyword research.

I made the mistake of choosing a fairly long title, and domain name, which doesn’t  have a traffic count on the Google keyword tool. This means I have trouble competing for my home page in any search.

You can use Market Samurai, or other keyword analyzing software, but an easy way is to use your gut to pick a title, and do an exact match search on the keyword phrase, by entering it into Google in quotation marks.

If there are less than 50,000 exact match results for that phrase, and not too many big websites on the first page of a normal search on it, then you’ve got a good chance, provided you can buy an exact match domain name.

Your domain name should be two words or more, and preferably the exact title you want your home page to be competing for. It should also have keywords that you will be using all through the site.

I would recommend buying your domain name and hosting through Host Gator, as it’s easier to get them both in the one place, you can get an unlimited amount of domains hosted if you buy the baby package, and they have an awesome support team to talk you through the whole process.

Then you fill out your FTP client form, (I used Fantastico Deluxe), and you get your WordPress admin login URL. Make sure to write down all the passwords and usernames. I’d suggest using admin as a username, and whatever password you want.

But for first time website builders, talk to the live support team, as it helps a lot, and I think they have support staff for live chat 24 hours a day.

Your domain name should be about fifteen bucks for a year to register, and your hosting is around ten bucks a month, if you get the baby plan.

Building Your Website on WordPress

There’s a few steps you should take once you get to your WordPress panel, to ensure that you have a well-optimized site.

As I explain in Professional SEO Tips, you should install a few plugins and change the settings on them. Particularly the default title settings in the all in one SEO pack, (very important), Counterize to check traffic, Awesome Ads, social button plugins, etc.

Another important thing to do is to go into the settings and change the permalink settings so your URLs are www.domainname/pagetitle.

Go to settings>permalinks, and click on custom structure, and add this code: /%postname%/.

This will make your URLs have better SEO, and look better so it’s a good thing to do.

For more info and videos on building a website using WordPress, check out One Hour Jobs, and keep reading these articles, as I explain pretty much all you need to know about building a professional website, getting it to do well in Google, and setting up advertising and promotional campaigns.

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