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Article writing jobsMany people are looking for article writing jobs these days, as it is the number one legitimate way for the average person to make money online.

Don’t be fooled by people who tell you that you can make a thousand dollars a week from affiliate marketing without any experience.

I’ve been trying to make money online for over three years, and Knoji is in my top two sites out of thousands of sites and programs I’ve tried.

Update (I am now making more from other things, and the site has changed name since I originally wrote this article, but it is still a good place to write).

I’d suggest if you are a really good native English speaking writer, a US citizen who is prepared to work for five to ten dollars an article, that you actually contact me directly and ask me for work.

Since the site changed it’s name from Factoidz to Knoji, things have just gone downhill a little bit, but I still write there, just like I still write on Ezine and Hub Pages and Triond and Info Barrel, Yahoo Voices, etc, etc. Here’s the rest of the old article:

They offer simple article writing jobs like writing product reviews, which pay up to and over ten US dollars an hour, if you can write quickly in good English.

They have a contextual back links program, which means that you can write a blog post or article on another site, and get paid about five dollars for linking back to a Factoidz product review.

You can write a regular article about anything you want, (so long as it’s factual), and get an activity bonus of up to three dollars, plus an ongoing residual income from views.

To give you some idea of how much that can make you, I’ve written about a hundred and fifty articles over 400 words, and I make about a dollar a day in residuals, plus the activity bonus I get for each new article.

In case you’re thinking a dollar a day isn’t much, I was only writing about three normal articles a week over the past year or two.

I have my own site to work on, so I’m not writing there full time, but it is possible to make as much as a regular nine to five job on the site, if you put in the time.

Article Writing Jobs That Pay Well

To give you a comparison of how well Knoji pays compared to other article writing sites, and other article writing jobs, I made about fifty dollars this month on Knoji from writing a half a dozen articles. Most of that money was from residual article earnings.

On Triond, I made one dollar this month, on Bukisa, I made less than a dollar, (after writing 330 articles), and on HubPages, I made nothing, because I lost my Google Adsense account early on in my internet career.

Sites like Freelancer and Elancer usually pay you less than a dollar per hundred words for quality articles, and that doesn’t include any residuals, as the articles are sold for someone else to publish.

On this site, I made practically nothing from ads as well, but I made about three hundred this month from selling social media marketing services like Facebook welcome pages, likes and followers.

I made about forty dollars on Fiverr as well. As you can see, apart from my own site, which I spend most of my time on, Knoji makes me most of the money I make online.

I was on a Warrior Forum thread where someone wanted to know how they could quickly make some extra money online with no experience. I said Factoidz, and nobody had anything else to say that could possibly help a newbie make good money online starting now, no money down.

The article writing jobs on this site aren’t easy, and you have to write well, in good English, and be able to follow instructions to the letter, but I honestly think that it’s one of the only real jobs you can get online right now, so join Knoji.

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