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On June 27, 2012, in Social, by Rowan
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If you’re looking to buy some social shares of your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, you came to the right place, because I can help you find the best prices for shares.Affordable Social Shares

Let’s say you want people in America to like your website, and share it to their Facebook friends, I can do that.

Or you might want someone in the UK to click the Google Plus one button, and share it to their Google Plus followers. I can do that too, (provided there are enough people on the micro job sites).

You might want tons of people to tweet a message for you, but whatever you want done, I can help you do it, whether it’s social shares, social followers on your accounts, views, subscribers, posting or tweeting for you, writing, back links, anything!

I know how to get things done basically, and I can do it all for an affordable price, because I work cheap, as a middle man, or as the person doing the work.

How I Get You Social Shares

I spend a lot of time clicking buttons on social swapping sites to earn points, and there’s a ton of things you can do with those points like get Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, tweets, likes on a Facebook post, etc.

I also know all of the best Fiverr gigs, the best micro job sites, and the best sites to pay people to write articles and blog reviews.

I can help you with outsourcing all of your social media marketing, SEO, and advertising needs basically.

The benefits of social shares are obvious, they create traffic at the same time as increasing your ranking on Google.

Google has said publicly that social signals are more important these days than they’ve ever been before, but you have to know how to get a natural looking link profile, which I know how to do.

To talk about affordable social sharing for as little as ten cents a tweet or Facebook share, get in contact with me via the contact page, or you can also find my email address in the sidebar.

I can share your site with all of my tens of thousands of social connections, (for a quick traffic boost), for a Fiverr gig, or five dollars paid through Pay Pal, (which I prefer).

You can send me any amount of money for my various services by logging into Pay Pal, clicking send money, then you add my Pay Pal email address as the recipient, (same as the contact address), add the amount in US dollars, and choose services not goods.

If you just want something small and effective, a single share like that can be effective, or I can scale it up to whatever size you want by tweeting over and over again and paying other people to do the same.

I also do many other things such as internet marketing coaching, article writing and content production, web design, Facebook page design, voiceovers and commercial jingles, as well as likes, views, subscribers and followers on any of the major social sites.

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