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On November 21, 2011, in Facebook, by Rowan
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I can get you some really affordable Facebook page likes if that’s what you’re looking for, and also cheap Twitter followers.

The benefits of having a lot of Facebook page likes are that you show social proof, (you look better to your customers), you do better in a Google search, (my Facebook page is a PR6), and you can interact with the people who like your page.

For example, if you post something to the wall of your page, it shows up in the news feeds of all of those who like it.

You can send a message to everyone who likes the page, or even to each person individually. A popular Facebook page can make a good back link to your actual site, helping you do better in a Google search.

There are many reasons why having Facebook page likes is a good idea. I can get you 350 US Facebook page likes for ten dollars at the moment, or if not that, then at least 250.

The page is promoted in Facebook to thousands of real people, meaning that there are no fake likes, and I’ve had many different people interacting with my posts, liking them, and reading them.

I can also get you 1,000 Twitter followers for ten dollars, which come from Twiends, and you can even specify which country they come from. I know they work, as Twitter has brought me most of the traffic I’ve had to this site.

Affordable Social Marketing Services

There are a lot of different things I can do for you. My name is Rowan Casey, I’m from Australia, this isn’t my only source of income, and I’m working for the same amount as someone in India, because it helps me get by.

For five to ten dollars an hour, I can do SEO work, article writing, blog commenting, manage your social accounts, share things with my friends and followers, advise you on how to put together a profitable advertising campaign, etc, etc.

I have over three years of experience learning every aspect of SEO and internet marketing, and if I can’t help you, I will tell you, and point you in the right direction.

I make the quickest money by selling Facebook page likes, as I have a reliable place to buy them at an affordable price, but I can pretty much do anything you want me to.

If you are interested in getting some advice on how to promote your site, you want to buy some Facebook page likes or Twitter followers, or you want to hire me to do something, send me a message at [email protected]

Buy Facebook page likes at an affordable price!

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