Which Social Media Site Should You Focus On For Marketing?

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It’s a little hard to say which social media site you should focus on for business and marketing, because each one has it’s own benefits and drawbacks.

I would suggest that Facebook is good if you have some money to spend on Facebook Ads, and a product with a good profit margin.

Which social media site should you use for marketing?

It also needs to be something with a widespread appeal, and you should be able to target a group very specifically using the targeting settings on Facebook Ads.

If you don’t know how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign, I could give you some help with that, and if you’re not planning any paid advertising, then maybe Facebook won’t get you as much traffic as you thought.

Even if you manage to get a Facebook page on the first page of a popular Google search, they have just changed their policy (again), so that the timeline appears as the default landing page on business pages, rather than a specific Facebook welcome page.

Which Social Media Site Should You Use For Marketing?

There isn’t one specific plan for marketing, but if you are looking for some cheap or even free traffic, I would suggest getting some cheap Twitter followers, or you can add them yourself quickly on a site like Twiends.

I sell 1,000 followers for ten dollars, which is about three or four times less than what Twiends themselves sell the equivalent amount of points for, even in the largest package.

Twitter is probably my main source of traffic, on a par with Google  for me, depending on which site or page you’re talking about, and how often I tweet it.

It’s more simple than a lot of people think, you have to get tens of thousands of followers, and tweet links that appeal to the general population, that’s it.

The same sort of thing works with getting traffic from Linked In groups, but you can target the right people a little better.

I joined a whole bunch of groups on Linked In to do with internet marketing, social media marketing and SEO, and if I share a related page with all of these groups, I can get up to two hundred unique views in a day from a single share.

I can possibly help you with this as well, if you want to pay me to do the work for you in joining lots of groups and sharing with them. You can hire me for outsourcing a social media campaign of any type.

Which social media site should you focus on for your business? I’m a bit of an expert in the field, so why not send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com and include a link to your site, and tell me a bit about how you make money, and I’ll do my best to help.

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