Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Local Business Marketing Tips Effectively

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Guest post by Ella Rich

Recently, I had a wonderful chat with a long lost friend of mine, whom I learnt, was now a local entrepreneur of a small-sized business in Melbourne.

What fascinated me more, besides his great sense of humor, were his supple marketing tips that had proven to be profoundly effective for local businesses.

I will be happily sharing with you some of the most distinguished local business marketing tips that, if not implemented properly, could be letting you lose heaps of money.

Create a Website

The prominent adage of our times is “if you don’t have a website, you simply don’t exist”. So, if your business is not available online for others to see, you don’t exist in their world. It is of paramount importance to have your company’s website on the internet. There are many companies like SiteSell.com that will provide you with templates and tools to ease the process of creating a website.

Free Listing in a well-known local business directory of Australia

Once the website is ready, you can then include your website link in Australia’s famous local business directory – offline and online. As, for instance, My Business Central, an Australian owned Local Business Directory offers excellent services to their listed small & medium sized businesses. Moreover, they even have a tremendous social presence on face book that can help in improving visibility of your company.

You can check their face book page on My Business Central for more details.

Free Listing in Google Maps

Listing a small sized business in Google Maps is essential for two key reasons: It is free and it helps in ranking high in Google Search Rankings. Ask any small sized entrepreneur, and you will find out that attracting new customers is vital for the business. By listing your business in Google Maps, you are sure to get attention from a lot of new customers.

Snowball effect

Remember, you are a local business trying to make money from local clients. Undoubtedly you have to be present in their world. Information about your business will spread rapidly in the local community. Make the most by getting attention from local community through word-of-mouth. Let the people in your vicinity know that you are open for business.


Writing skills will come in handy here to write blogs online or to write for a particular magazine or tabloid. If you have the skills to write then you can establish an effective platform online and offline through writing. For example, my friend who owned a café wrote and published a book that got him attention in the local community. So, write and let your presence be known.

Be willing to take feedback

If you really want your business to prosper, you have to know what your customers feel and think about your business. Ask them to give you constructive feedbacks about your products, services and so forth. Make them review your services. Take suggestions positively. Encourage an environment of learning in your business.

You can ask them to leave their comments even online, let’s say on LinkedIn, Twitter or Face book.

Show your presence

People will trust your business more if they can visualize a face of it. Merely by having an online presence will not suffice, you have to have a human figure representing your business.

Ideally, as an owner of your business, you should be the face of your company. Go out and be present in all the local business meetings that happen in commerce chambers. Become a member of local business confederations. That way, you will get to meet other significant entrepreneurs and exchange imminent visions.

Generally, a small to medium sized business will always run short on marketing budget, but, that does not imply that you cannot publicize your business in affordable yet effective ways. By not relying on local marketing tips will severely damage your enterprise.

The competition is thriving and you have to employ some of the most effective local marketing tactics to survive and prosper, otherwise, you are sure to lose the money invested in your business.

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