Twitter Followers For Less Than A Cent Each!

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Looking to buy Twitter followers for less than a cent each? You can do it right here on Professional Social Promotion.

The Twitter followers come from Twiends, and if I’m not doing it myself, I’m outsourcing it to a trusted friend.

The process involves following about 2,000 people on Twiends over a few days, and then afterwards, getting rid of those you are following who aren’t following back using Tweepi.

This takes about two or three hours, and it costs ten US dollars. I am working from Australia, and so for me, that’s working for about a fifth of the minimum wage, but I can afford to do it because it’s not my primary source of income.

You may possibly find someone in India who can do it for less, but this is a lot better than the price most people sell Twitter followers for.

On Twiends, they charge you about five times as much for the same amount of seeds required to get over a thousand Twitter followers.

How To Buy One Cent Twitter Followers

It’s quite simple to place an order, you go to the payment page, which is called Get Twitter Followers Cheap, pay the ten dollars through the PayPal button, and then send me an email at with your username and password so I can log in to Twiends.

You may want to join first, and set up your account with the right country, who you offer seeds to, and verify your email address.

Please do that through my referral link, (shown above), as this will get me a few followers on my account.

That’s pretty much it, I’m offering to work for peanuts, and get you Twitter followers for less than a cent each, which will almost surely give you a return on investment if your site has some sort of appeal to regular people.

Less than a cent each to buy Twitter followers.