The Difference Between Random And Targeted Twitter Followers

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There is a big difference between random Twitter followers from a site like Twiends, and targeted Twitter followers who followed you because they are truly interested in what you might tweet.

Generally, it’s only celebrities and large corporations that get targeted Twitter followers. It’s not going to be truly targeted for any other reason, like for example if their software program targets keywords that you tweet. The only real targeted followers you can get are people who know who you are.

Random Twitter followers

This might include your friends, family, people who read your blog, or someone that has a true interest in what you are tweeting, unless of course you are a minor celebrity.

Most people can only get less than a thousand of these “real” followers, and that doesn’t even guarantee that they will be interested in what you’re saying at all.

That’s why I personally think it’s better to buy cheap Twitter followers that come from a site like Twiends in bulk.

I’m working on an order of about 20,000 followers for someone at the moment, and I have a similar amount on my main account, @caseyman28.

I get the followers through following people on Twiends, perhaps with the help of one of their seed packages to speed up the process.

What Is The Difference With Random Twitter Followers?

What you have to realize about these random followers is that they are not going to reply to a random tweet you do about the weather, they are following tens of thousands of people themselves.

It’s likely that if you tweet something of general interest like a link to an article about how to make money online, or how to cook a good meal, you will get a few clicks on it, and a few clicks on every link you tweet if you have tens of thousands of random Twitter followers.

You are allowed to tweet ten times in an hour, and while this can be tiresome, you can schedule tweets for the future through a site like Tweet Deck, which Twitter own.

If you don’t take advantage of the full amount of tweets that you can post, or at least a lot of them, then you are pretty much wasting your time in getting all those followers.

The reason is simple, your Twitter followers get a new tweet show up on their dashboard every few seconds, and you have to catch them with an engaging tweet at the right moment that they are looking at it, while they are doing a tweet of their own.

I don’t personally tweet as much as I used to, but I get paid to tweet to my followers on sites like Fiverr, such as on my most popular gig: I will share your site with my Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon and Google Plus followers for $5.

This works great, as it gets at least fifty hits to almost any page, and it’s the same thing I do every time I publish an article or blog post like this.

At the time I was tweeting all day long, I could get up to 300 unique views to this site from Twitter, and I still can if I can be bothered, but as I said, I have other things to do as well.

The difference between targeted and random Twitter followers is that they are a little bit more distant, and you have to work harder to engage them, but when you can get tens of thousands of followers for close to a cent each, it works a lot better than not getting them. Send me a message at to discuss.