The Dangers of Grey-Hat SEO

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Grey-hat SEO

What are the dangers of grey-hat SEO like software blasting, and buying thousands of links? It’s simple, your site can go from the first page, or the second page, to so far from the first page you couldn’t find it with a magnifying glass.

Many people think that an SEO company should be able to do a better job than what you could do yourself, but if you have a new site, and you choose the wrong service, you could be penalized really badly for what a lot of these people still do.

The recent algorithm changes in Google have not just reduced the importance of back links made with software, such as submitting to hundreds of content farms, and building profile links with software, they have turned them into a dangerous, damaging thing to do.

I see companies still advertising the same old blasting techniques which used to work, but which now could destroy your site for good, and it really annoys me.

I had a test site called Cheap Stylus, it wasn’t really going anywhere, cause I got the keyword research wrong, but I wanted to test out whether some of these cheap grey-hat SEO services actually worked.

I ordered two gigs on Fiverr, one for 1200 back links, and the other for a link pyramid of over a thousand, made from forum profiles, and guess what, my site was on the first page, and now it’s completely gone. I have to type it into Google as the actual domain name to see it.

The dangers of grey-hat SEO are really quite bad, you can lose all hope of ever competing for the seach you are aiming for, when Google penalizes you.








The Dangers of Grey-Hat

What have I learned from this? Don’t trust anyone who says that quantity is better than quality. If you think that Google wouldn’t approve of what you’re doing if they were watching it, don’t do it. Don’t worry so much about making back links, write a few articles yourself, and then make back links to those from social bookmarking sites.

Do it gradually, over time, so it appears natural to Google, and the most important thing is to update your site regularly with quality content, like this.

Do some keyword research, find a niche that doesn’t have too much competition, and a reasonably good search volume, buy an exact match domain name, get quality hosting, and gradually make quality, relevant back links, and update your site with quality relevant content.

To do anything else is incredibly risky, and it could bring down upon you the mighty wrath of Google. Those are the dangers of grey-hat SEO as I see it.

The problem with grey-hat SEO, is it's incredibly dangerous, and can get your site punished badly by Google. Quality is the key.