The Benefits of Social Promotion

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What are the benefits of social promotion or social media optimization as compared to SEO?

For me, SEO doesn’t really work anymore, or it doesn’t work in the same way that it used to in the past.

People are still going on about making do follow back links, when the latest algorithms in Google made it almost impossible to get a high quality back link that really works.

Google doesn’t like you buying back links, they don’t like you spamming back links, they want to see a gradual, natural looking range of links, that don’t look like you bought them, or made them yourself.

Apart from that, they like to see high quality content, and regular publishing on your site.

I find that back linking is useless, you are better off focusing your efforts on making quality content on your own site, and increasing your social connections so you can drive traffic to anything you decide to do.

The Benefits of social promotion are that you can promote anything, instantly.









The Benefits of Social Promotion

Now don’t get me wrong, I still care about Google, as I get some traffic to the specific titles of these blog posts, but I no longer care about the back linking aspect of SEO, unless I can get those back links naturally by other people linking to me because I have high quality, informative content.

I get most of my traffic from Twitter, and that is what I spend hours a day doing, which for me is a lot more effective than blog commenting, or any of the other SEO techniques which don’t really work anymore.

I make You Tube videos and Facebook pages, but for me, they are also based on SEO, as you need to be found on a Google search to get any real traffic to them.

So that’s what I do, and the major benefit of that is that I can sell access to my social promotion services to you, if you want.

I spend hours a day doing this, but you can buy a subscription to daily scheduled tweeting to my followers on the home page for only a dollar a day, (or a wide range of other services), saving you a lot of time in doing it all yourself.

Those are the benefits of social promotion for me, a list of people that you can promote anything to.

The benefits of social promotion are clear.

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