Talk to the World Through Social Promotion

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Talk to the World

This post is an excuse to show you my new You Tube video entitled talk to the world. I make You Tube videos like this for my clients, and use social promotion to promote them so they get lots of views.

Once you have a good video with a good title that you can compete for, and you get lots of views on it, it’s almost certainly going to end up on the first page of a Google search, and that’s how you really talk to the world most effectively.

Apart from making You Tube videos, I can also get you cheap traffic from Twitter, not just from my accounts but from many others, I can get your site views on StumbleUpon, Facebook, and many other places, all for less than what you would pay with any other type of advertising or marketing campaign.

If you are looking to try to talk to as many people as possible, then take a look at our services on Professional Social Promotion, as we can get you what you need to enable you to talk to the world.






Social Promotion is how you Talk to the World

If you want to get some cheap traffic, get in contact with me at and I will tell you what I can do for you.

If you have over twenty bucks to put into it, I can get you clicks for five cents or less from social promotion on sites like Twitter and StumbleUpon, and the longer you stay, or the more you put up in advance, the cheaper the traffic I can get you.

I can set up a campaign on micro-job sites where people get paid to tweet and share things, and this can get you views for a fraction of a cent each if you have a site that has a widespread appeal to a lot of people.

Generally, social promotion works best if you appeal to the lowest common denominator, although there are other sites where you can set the amount you want to pay per click on your tweet.

If you just want a quick job to test out what I can do with my own social connections, take a look at the home page, and look at my Fiverr gigs.

I have a really good approval rating for my social promotion jobs there, and I have helped many different people talk to the world.

Learn how to talk to the world with me through the free social promotion training I offer on Professional Social Promotion, or let me do it for you.

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