What Website Verification Can Do For Your Business

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Website verification“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” If you were already online in the early days of the Internet (at least, the early days of public access), you would remember a time of less security.

Scams were rampant, and victims, even more so. We were still feeling our way through this new world. For most of us, it was an entirely alien frontier and we had no idea what the protocols were, if there indeed had been any.

Not that scams are any less rampant nowadays, but they usually have to be more sophisticated to pull one over anybody. We’ve generally learned the lessons of the past and, thankfully, there are now many safeguards against fraudulent activity.

One of the ways businesses and consumers are protected is through website verification.
The Internet-savvy customer would not be willing to share vital information such as credit card numbers or even something as basic as an email address if the page asking for it does not carry a trust seal.

Businesses, on the other hand, seek to protect their reputation by putting in place the right security measures for their website.

Different Ways To Verify Your Site

trust sealsWebsite verification is available in three main classifications: Business, Security, and Privacy.

To get business verification seals, a company needs to show that it is a legitimate business with: an official website; valid business contact details, including an office address, an email address, and a telephone number; and a real contact person.

These will all be confirmed during the verification process. With a business trust seal, a company is able to demonstrate that it is reliable, credible, and trustworthy.

Security verification, on the other hand, is particularly important for retail sites or any other site where there is any money movement going on. It’s not enough for a website to carry an SSL security certificate; it needs to have this detail verified as well by a trusted third party.

Meanwhile, in order to assure visitors that their privacy is protected, you need to have your privacy policy statement verified. If you promise not to share your customers’ information with a third party without their consent, then you need to hold true to your policy.

Why You Need A Website Verification Service

Trust logosThese website seals indicate that a company has taken pains to gain its customers’ trust and confidence. With its provisions for secure transactions, a business is sure to increase sales and revenue.

Such an investment clearly pays off over time, even if only one percent of visitors decide to buy because of their increased trust in your services.

It just makes your site look more legitimate, and inspires confidence in your brand, which is incredibly important when trying to make sales online.

Everyone is quite aware of the fact that there are a lot of scams out there, and a well known, trusted website verification service like Valid Safe will give you the credibility you need to boost your site’s conversion rate.

About The Author

Jessica Sommers is content creator. She loves writing topics about the internet, online shopping, web designs, online marketing, internet business strategies and other related topics. She uses for her website verifications.

How To Make A Successful Website From Scratch

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Make A Successful Website From ScratchI’ve written many articles on this subject, but due to the nature of the internet and Google, I have to continue writing many different times what I know about how to make a successful website, using different keywords.

What I can tell you is what I’ve done, and I am ranking on Google for a few things, getting some traffic, and making a sale or two every day, which isn’t bad.

One mistake I made with this site, was not thinking about the keywords I was going to use for the title of the home page, before I bought the domain name.

It’s a good idea to get an exact match domain name, (or close match), for a keyword phrase that has at least 1,000 exact match searches a month on the Google Adwords keyword tool.

It depends on how good you are at SEO, how much time and money you have as to whether you will be able to rank for that phrase, and it also depends on the competition, like the page rank of the other results on the first page of Google for that phrase.

There are all sorts of software downloads you can get for free like from SEO Quake, SEO Book, SEO Powersuite, etc, and you can use these to get some sort of idea of what you have to do in order to rank for that phrase.

For example, SEO Powersuite comes with the SEO Spyglass software, and even the free version is pretty good for analyzing the links leading to your competitors.

If you can see that what they did is make a separate website or two specifically to link to themselves, (as is often the case), then that’s what you have to do as well.

How To Make High Quality Back Links

Probably the first thing you have to do is put some really high quality content on your site, and tailor it all to get the home page and the pages directly linking from the home page to rank for specific keyword phrases.

Once you do that, you need to make some high quality back links to those pages to help them rank.

I generally start off by writing a few articles and blog posts, arranged in a link pyramid, which means that I have two or three that link directly to the site, and then a dozen that only link to each other, on the second layer.

The goal is to build pages on other sites that are relevant, have high PR, good authority in the eyes of Google, and that are linking to your site from the right link text.

What you also have to do is make it look natural, which means varying the link text, even to the point of throwing in a few completely irrelevant link texts, such as website, or click here.

Links from social media also help to make your link profile seem more natural, as if somebody likes a site, they will link to it.

The only way I really know how to make a PR 2 or PR 3 page from scratch is to make a hosted WordPress website, such as this one.

If you’re going to make a second WordPress website as a back link, it has to be hosted on a different server, and seen to be a different person, so that it doesn’t just look like you made the website to link to yourself.

This is not all that hard or expensive to do, it only costs less than a dollar a day for hosting and domain name, and if you want to do it a bit cheaper than that, you can build the website on a site builder that has hosting included.

What I mean by that is Blogger, Weebly,, or even, and that way you just have to pay for the domain name.

It is not really worth making one of these sort of sites if you aren’t going to maintain it, and keep building back links to it.

The idea is to have a separate website ranking for a different search, which also links to your website every now and then, (not from every page), and passes on the page rank.

It’s the same idea as writing the articles on sites like Hub Pages, Ezine, Go Articles, Squidoo, Yahoo Voices, eHow, Knoji, Triond, Info Barrel, etc, but it’s easier to make a page that has some real page rank on your own proper website.

The closer a page is to the home page of a site, the more link juice Google gives it, even if the whole site doesn’t have that many back links leading to it.

At this point, I have gotten too tired to continue writing more about this topic of building a professional website from scratch, so I suggest that you look at some of the other posts I’ve written, or get in contact with me directly to talk about your site. My email is in the sidebar.

Can A Social Profile Page Rank As High As A Website?

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The question is, can a social profile page rank as high as a website? By that I mean, a Facebook page or profile, a Twitter profile, a Google Plus page or profile, or a You Tube video.

The answer is, yes it can. It’s perhaps even easier to rank a page on social media than it is to rank an ordinary website.Social Profile

For a start, the sites which they are on are huge, high authority sites already, and you can’t beat a high quality page on a site like Facebook, so long as it looks like it’s really important.

If you were for example trying to rank for a name of a celebrity, and you were that celebrity, and had tons of people who would follow you and like your page, it would be very easy to get onto the first page of that search.

Try doing a Google search on God, and you will see that down the bottom of that page, there is the Twitter profile of God, with millions of followers.

If you search for almost any band or artist, you will often find that their Facebook page is right up there at the top of the search.

I just typed in Lady Gaga, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth results were all her Facebook, Twitter and You Tube pages.

It’s fair to say that nobody could match the amazing following she has on social media unless they were Justin Bieber, but if you do that search, he also has his Facebook profile, Twitter profile and You Tube channel all on the first page of the search on his name.

Can Anyone Make A Successful Social Media Page?

Almost anybody can repeat this sort of success, if they are going after a search that has a slightly lower amount of competition.

You simply get the right title and username for your social profile, page or video, and then you get a ton of followers, likes, views, back links etc, and that’s it.

A social profile page can rank as high as a website for the same keywords, and not just that, it can also get tons of traffic from the social media sites as well.

How do you get tons of likes, followers, views, subscribers, back links, etc? You talk to me, because that’s the business I’m in.

Send me a message at to talk about your business, what keywords you are going after, and the best way to drive traffic to your website, or social media pages.

How To Get More Website Visitors Easily

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This post will explain how to easily get more visitors to your website, using all the methods I’ve discovered.

Many people focus on Google, and while this can be a good long term strategy if it works, Google is always changing their algorithms, so your SEO could work one month, and be completely useless the next.How To Get More Website Visitors Easily

For example, they might decide to penalize sites that have a lot of unnatural looking back links, when a few years ago, that was exactly how you got to the top of the search results.

I’ve personally given up on Google, except to update my site with fresh original content, with a fairly specific title, although as you may be able to tell, I probably can’t compete for the title of this post.

I get most of my traffic from social media, in a number of different ways. I’ve gotten the most traffic to this site from Twitter, as I have over twenty two thousand followers on my main account Follower Crazy.

I can help you get this many Twitter followers for a few hundred dollars, although it personally took me well over a year to get that many, as I didn’t spend much money on it.

I get some traffic from Facebook, but I would say my next largest source of visitors to this website is from Linked In groups. I just join groups which have a lot of members and are relevant to what I’m writing, and post to them. I can also help you with this as well, or do pretty much anything you want me to do.

I’m a social media marketing manager, and I can help you get your own social connections, share your site with mine, or post tweets or wall posts for you.

I’ve recently found a good way to get traffic from Stumble Upon, which has been a great source of random traffic for me. I share a blog post with widespread appeal to my followers, perhaps something off my video blog Video Mobster, and I have a banner ad for this site on the page.

My most successful stumble got about twenty five thousand views, and it was from this site. It was a six foot centipede fighting a snake, and it was called World’s Largest Insect, or something like that.

I’ve recently started on Google Plus and You Tube, and I find these to be effective, but I can’t say for sure if they work as well as the other sites, as I haven’t spent as much time on them.

Pay per click advertising can be very effective at getting you website visitors quickly, and I can help you work out a way to run a profitable PPC campaign as well, although you do have to have a large profit margin and a page with a good conversion rate in order to even try that.

Anyway, send me a message at with a link to your site, and tell me a bit about how you plan to make money, and I’ll tell you the best way to get more website visitors, and hopefully make you a profit.