Why Consider Looking Into Video Marketing Today

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Video Marketing

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Are you an online entrepreneur who is more inclined to work with traditional marketing methods? Would you consider video marketing as something that is very difficult?

Well, most experts strongly emphasized that videos can be a very efficient tool to market your products and services. In case you do not know the first thing about it, you can actually just engage a video production company to help you.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Clients spend most of their time watching videos – Among the most popular websites on the Internet is YouTube. Indeed, it ought to tell you something. You are probably guilty of spending a lot of time watching videos yourself.

This must provide you with an idea that this is an excellent marketing opportunity that must not be missed; thus, if you are so smart, you must consider using videos for your marketing strategies.

Video is mobile – When you are considering of doing mobile marketing, you must look into making a short mobile video ad.

Know that mobile videos have a higher completion as opposed to other online videos. People must be very willing to indulge you for 30 seconds if they are on their mobile devices.

Video can easily be shared and searched – When you Google a certain phrase and of there is a corresponding video, it will actually show right at the top of the results. Video results will actually show up about 70% of the time; thus, when you are doing SEO, video can be of great help for such cause.

Videos are not the just easy to search, they are also very easy to share. In fact, a lot of people are sharing them all over the place. Also, they are usually embedded in social networking sites, websites, and blogs.

Video is measurable – YouTube along with other video hosting sites will certainly allow you to see extensive viewer data; thus, you can better evaluate the success of your effort. You can actually make use of the information for future videos.

It is no doubt that videos are very popular for any reason. Simply, it will represent more emotional benefits as opposed to other media due to the fact that it will allow you to make use of various senses in order to absorb its message.

With that said, it is very safe to say that video marketing is capable of pushing you to have a far better connection with your audience.

About The Author

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share knowledge regarding internet marketing. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.

How To Make A You Tube Video With iMovie

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Using iMovie To Make A You Tube Video

This post will explain how to make a You Tube video with iMovie, a free software that comes with every new Mac computer.

First of all, you will need some files to put together, unless you want to use the basic text and backgrounds that come with iMovie to make your video.

Often, that’s all I do, because I don’t have a video camera, and it makes for an easy, quick way to get a point across.

I just open up the text thing, and drag the one I want over to the video making space, then I choose the background I want, type in the words I want on that bit, and add some music.

You may have trouble adding music that has a copyright on it, and when you upload the video to You Tube, it will have a bunch of ads on it, and the profits go to the artist who made the song.

To get around this, I usually make my own original music in Cubase, which costs money to get. I got it with my recording input device, the Firestudio Tube.

Sometimes I do a screenshot video using Capture Me, which is a great free software I found. You can use photos, webcam videos, or whatever you want, the possibilities are almost endless, even though it’s a fairly basic video making software.

Making A You Tube Video With iMovie

There is an option to publish it directly to You Tube, but what I usually do when I’m finished making it is to press the share button, and save the video file to my documents, and then go to You Tube to upload it from my computer.

I choose a title that may get searched for on You Tube, and then I write a fairly long description, with my link at the top, and the keywords in the title as about 3% of the keywords.

I add about five or six relevant tags, I usually choose the how to category, and then I share the video on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Linked In, and embed it in posts like this one.

If you want, I can make you a professional You Tube video, doing everything I just mentioned, and I can also get you hundreds of views on it to start you off.

I can teach you how to rank your videos by getting a good page rank for your channel, and help you get the Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, and all the other things that you need to be really successful on You Tube.

Send me a message at to discuss. That’s how to make a You Tube video with iMovie, you can do it yourself, or get me to do it for you.


How Do You Make A Professional You Tube Video?

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Making A Professional You Tube Video

How do you make a professional You Tube video for your business? There are lots of different ways, but it involves some knowledge of video editing, and the software or tools to do it.

If you don’t have a video camera, and don’t have a good software for editing videos together, then you may have a problem.

What I do to make You Tube videos is fairly straightforward. I use iMovie, which is a free software that came with my Mac computer.

I simply put together text on top of one of the stock backgrounds, or any photos and videos I decide to use, add some music, (preferably original), make sure that the changes of the clips matches the beat of the music, and then I upload it to You Tube.

I made this one just for this post, in about an hour, and I have found that my posts and videos do better if I put them together, and embed a video on them.

Get Me To Make You A You Tube Video

I can pretty much edit anything together, but you have to provide me with most of the things you want me put in, as I haven’t got a video camera, and I’m not gifted in that way.

I can maybe work out how to take a screenshot video of me doing something on your site, I can give you the basic options for backgrounds and different types of text and transitions that come with iMovie, and a few original bits of music that I have like techno, acoustic guitar, and metal guitar, but apart from that, you have to send me the files you want me to put into the video, so I can cut them together.

The payment page for getting me to make you one of these is: Professional You Tube Video. There are a few different options, as you will see, starting at ten dollars, and going up to thirty dollars, or perhaps more for a longer video with more editing involved.

I can also get you views for your videos once they are uploaded to You Tube, which will help you a lot in getting more views, because the more you have, the more you’re likely to get.

I can get you 250 views for ten dollars, which is also included in the cost of a premium thirty dollar video, so long as the video isn’t longer than a minute or two, and doesn’t have more than a dozen transitions.

How do you make a professional You Tube video? If you’re not a professional video maker, then it’s best to hire someone with a bit of experience in doing it.


You Tube Video Promotion

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Promotion of Your You Tube Video

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we can make you a You Tube video, and promote it for you, but if you would like to do it yourself, here are some tips on how you might do that.

First of all, you will want to make sure that the video has a good title, easily found by the search engines, that doesn’t have too much competition, and has the right amount of keywords in the description.

Get a huge following on Twitter, make thousands of Facebook friends, embed your video in blogs that get heaps of traffic, and in articles that are on the first page of a specific Google search.

You can pay for advertising on Google Adwords, to get your video featured beside related You Tube videos, or use StumbleUpon Ads to get cheap views.

There are in fact more ways to do You Tube video promotion than I can mention on this one page, because it all comes down to generating traffic, and that is what we do best here at Professional Social Promotion.

How do you handle the promotion of your You Tube video? Why you talk to us, of course.








Talk to Us About You Tube Video Promotion

I would suggest you get in contact with us to talk about promoting your You Tube video at, as we offer some very affordable solutions for generating traffic, and the amount of views on your video can play a large role in ranking it in the search engines.

I can advise you on whether you need a new title, a new description, and if you have some money to play with, I can get you a ton of views really cheaply.

The You Tube videos I have made are already ranking in a Google search, beside this site, and you can alter the same video, and resubmit it with different titles, to compete in different searches, over and over again.

You Tube video promotion is only one of the great services offered here on Professional Social Promotion, we also provide free internet marketing training if you sign up to the newsletter.

There are many different ways to promote a You Tube video, both free, and paid methods, and we can teach you how to do all of these easily.